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Friday, December 14, 2007

MEGA Life & Health Insurance - Texas

MEGA Life & Health Insurance - UGA Field Services
9151 Boulevard 26
N. Richland Hills , Texas, 76180
Phone: 866-808-7710

It would have taken hours to read them all carefully and clearly they were rushing me to finish it up. I should have read every single letter and then run out of there!!!

I scored the highest grade on my State Life & Health Insurance Producer Licensind Exam. The examination proctor had never seen such a high score ever and neither had anyone else at the office - 91%. I mention this only to relate to you all that I am no dummy, yet I too have been mercilessly scammed.

I worked on average 60 hours a week on this job for the 6 months that I worked it. The results were disappointing to say the least (and I came in the top 5 MEGA Rookie Producers - Nationally!!! during the start-up period. I didn't get the hint, I guess I must be stupid. On top of the 60 hours a week I must have put at least 20 thousand miles on my car doing this job and gas wasn't cheap during this time period (11/2006 - 6/2007).

I was making on average over 500 calls to make each and every sale. I averaged 350 calls each and every week. On average I made about 50 actual contacts and from them about 5 appointments per week. This was of course after elliminating at least 500 numbers per week because of the do-not-call law that I obeyed. When I finally came to the conclusion that this was a dead end job for me I resigned.

The only clients that I know that cancelled their policy were one that they refused to cover and another that they didn't even process correctly and wound up not having coverage - without her knowledge. The third picked up group coverage and cancelled (smart guy). MEGA continues to collect premiums from everyone else that I wrote up and presumably will due so into future years - over 16 of them - some of them are nice large family policies.

One of the reasons it was so damn hard to sell their products were that they are sub-par in comparrison with all their competitors products in the state. It was a hard sell to say the least but I did my best, it just wasn't good enough to support myself never mind my family. The only successful agents at the agency were the ones that got in while MEGA was a new player in the state years ago, the others that have succeeded are the ones willing to travel to Maine/Canada border towns for business. Every one else - well let's just call it a revolving dpoor job.

Now UGA / MEGA is suing me for a lot of the commission amount that I earned. As is is I was probably making $1.15 / hr. when I take into account the amount of hours I actually worked and incurred more real costs than they are now telling me that I owe them.

Does anyone know of a law firm that is taking on clients in a class action lawsuit against this company for this shameless practice?

It is extremely difficult to believe that the laws of this country allow a company to legally enslave hard-working law-abiding American citizens. Yet this is precisely what is happening because of the contractural agreements MEGA /UGA continually forces on its employees. If you think my words are harsh - well what else would you call working for 60 hours a week for 6 months and then at the end of that period instead of making money from it you owe money to the company for the privilege of making them money? This is worse than slave labor! If you post your resume on-line beware this great scam company and stay far away from them and others like them.

Sanford, MaineU.S.A.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so sorry!

What a horrible experience you had! You should trash this company all over the various Craigslist.Org message boards!

Didn't you realize what you were getting yourself into?

For your next job, I would recommend that you apply to companies that pay a respectable annual salary, and perhaps that offer overtime and/or bonuses on top.

MJ said...

Hi Phil. I would like to contact you ASAP about your employment with MEGA. Please give me your contact information. Thanks, MJ in TX

Anonymous said...

For what it's woth, having insurance through MEGA is no picnic either. They routinely ignored, "lost" or rejected claims from my family's health providers to the point where we were forced to pay the providers directly out of pocket or they would not continue to administer to our needs. We sued MEGA, and won a prtial settlement but the attorneys ended up with most of the money.

TR said...

We are a law firm based in Portland, Oregon.

I recently met with several individuals living in Oregon who have had health insurance through HealthMarkets Inc., North Richland Hills, Texas, and subsidiaries MEGA Life and Health Insurance and Mid-West National Life Insurance.

We are in the process of investigating the potential for a class action lawsuit in Oregon against these companies for unfair and deceptive practices in marketing and administering limited-benefit health plans sold to small businesses and individuals in the state.

The carriers appear to have targeted the self-employed along with small business owners with products packaged as part of memberships in the National Association for the Self Employed, Washington; Americans for Financial Security, Irving, Texas; and the Alliance for Affordable Services, Dallas.

These companies may have used unfair and deceptive marketing and other practices to convince Oregon residents to buy health plans with limited benefits. Oregon health care consumers must be fairly told what they are buying, and their premium dollars should be used predominantly to pay health care benefits and not inflated commissions, overhead and profits.

If you or a loved one is an Oregon resident and has had health insurance with any of these companies please contact us to discuss your experience with them and your potential options.

Roe & Associates, LLC
333 SW Fifth Avenue
Suite 505
Portland, Oregon 97204
503/796-3006 tele
503/235-3005 fax

Anonymous said...

Sorry Phil you are such a poor salesman. 500 calls for one appointment? You suck. I would not want to learn a thing from you.

Mega is a problem however the bigger problem is theri managers. Randy Donna Steve Bruce ..........

It is all about them and you are a useless donkey if you do not produce. Mega does not have problems everywhere.

Former Mega agent

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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health insurance said...

Mega is a problem however the bigger problem is theri managers.For your next job, I think you should apply to companies that pay a respectable annual salary, and perhaps that offer overtime and/or bonuses on top.

Anonymous said...

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