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Thursday, October 1, 2015

TOYS "R" US AND NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE American Companies Screwing the American Employees USA Nationwide

I happen to see this article online and feel it is a down right shame these companies can screw the hard working American people for company profits. It is a slap in the face to all who go to work everyday and try to support their families. I feel the American people need to stand up to these greedy corporations and finally say enough is enough. I am asking (((ALL))) Americans to think TWICE before shopping this Christmas at Toys "R" US or buying insurance from New York Life Insurance. They do not deserve your hard earned money. How would you like a foreign person coming to America to shadow you, then go back to China, India, Brazil or wherever, and take your job with them and the company lays you off? Hard enough to find a good job these days let alone only having 26 weeks of benefits. These greedy corporations will change your life and the bad thing about it is, THEY DON'T CARE. You are expendable... I blame Washington for this miscarriage of justice. I would love to see people shadow Congress and farm out their jobs. Let's see how they feel about that or why can't we bring a foreign person in and shadow the CEO'S then take their jobs? That would be a good one..... The way Washington lets these employers get away with this stuff is really RIDICULIOUS. Thank you.......... American Worker--Proud of my union!!!!

"US companies are using temporary visas to ship jobs abroad."

Some US companies are using temporary visas to train foreign workers in the US and then ship them back overseas, according to a new investigation by the New York Times.

According to the Times, the companies — which include Toys "R" Us and New York Life Insurance — bring foreign workers into the US to train them on jobs held by those at home offices in the US.
Then, once the worker has learned how to do the American employee's job,  the American employee is laid off and the foreign worker returns to his or her home country and starts working from there.
The investigation sites the story of a former Toys "R" Us employee who says that for four weeks this spring a young woman on a temporary visa from India sat with her as she performed her accounting job in the Toys "R" Us headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey. 
"The woman...studied and recorded the accountant’s every keystroke, taking screen shots of her computer and detailed notes on how she issued payments for toys sold in the company’s megastores," according to Julia Preston, the New York Times' National Immigration Correspondent.
The Indian woman worked for the outsourcing company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), who were hired by Toys "R" Us. The Times says that the TCS employees shadowed the Toys "R" Us employees and created intricate manuals for how to perform the jobs of 67 different workers. They then returned to India and trained other TCS employees how to do those jobs. The Toys "R" Us employees were subsequently laid off.
Most of these foreign workers are in the US on a visa program known as H-1B, which allows American employers to hire foreign professionals with "highly specialized knowledge" to meet their needs. According to federal guidelines, employers must sign a declaration that the foreign workers “will not adversely affect the working conditions” of Americans or lower their wages," the Times reports. 
The American workers being laid off at Toys "R" Us and New York Life say the foreign workers did not have highly specialized knowledge. In addition, the Americans were instructed to teach the foreign workers how to do their jobs. If they refused, they were asked to resign. 

“At the very least, those are violations of the spirit of the law,” Christine Brigagliano, a lawyer who advises companies on obtaining visas, told the Times.  “Those contractors are signing on the bottom line, saying we will not undercut the wages and working conditions of Americans. But, in fact, they are.”
Toys "R" Us and New York Life both defended their outsourcing practices to the Times by saying it will lead to future growth in the US.
The staff reduction was a part of "designing a streamlined, more efficient global organization to make it fit for growth,” Toys "R" Us spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh said, adding that the contractors were required to comply with  “any and all immigration laws” and that the outsourcing “resulted in significant cost savings.”
“Our decisions are centered on keeping the company competitive, keeping it in the United States, keeping it growing,” New York Life spokesman William Werfelman added. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Before applying for employment, consider the pros and cons. Your "mileage" pay is an average of $ 0.10-.20/ mile, you will work 5 days per week with Sat and Sun off. You will pay the costs of two T shirts and background check (must return shirts upon exit of employment) taken from first few paychecks. Mileage check given one Fri., paycheck given following Fri. Paychecks will be left outside the locked building if office personal have clocked out for the day, receiving even one low rating from a customer lowers your pay for that two weeks. Mileage pay and paycheck for most employees will equal < or minimum wage after figuring gas prices and regular maintenance of personal vehicle driven , keys to client homes are carried in binders as
well as directions to customers' homes..along with prices charged-many times, prices state " $ 97-$ 128 " , thus estimation becomes a part of employee job duties -creating unclear boundaries between management and employee position. Cleaning products often not adequate to remove soap scum and deep down dirt and no antibacterial products are used, therefore "sanitizing" a commode or any surface is not a correct assumption. Vacuum cleaners are non-commercial and typically "bargain" buys that stop working frequently; need replacing. Cleaning products are diluted: at no place on the cleaner/product label is this recommended. Requested Off days or leave early days are not coordinated in a manner that provides 100% clarification, when working past 5pm, the employee will have no choice but to take all company equipment home in personal does not wait past a certain time before leaving and locking the door-leaving as early as 2: 30 PM. If something happens to your vehicle or holds your progress for the day, it is your sole responsibility to figure it out-no aid from management in these circumstances. No incentive to work towards-ratings are NOT incentive.

Coach America

Coach America
3991 E. 53rd Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80216

Coach America, aka CUSA or just "Coach," is a miserable place to work. They work you like a slave because overtime is MANDATORY!! That means you will never get your regular days off, making your regular work week a never-ending cycle and if you can't work, they will try to either suspend or terminate you. Management does nothing BUT discipline drivers for the stupidest reasons. If you do so much as breathe in the wrong direction, you are disciplined greatly and treated like you're in elementary school. They feel that drivers are expendable because all they want is a body driving their buses constantly. Very high turnover rate, they just can't keep drivers at this place- gee, I wonder why?? My advice, save yourself the headache when thinking about applying. If you already work here, then I advise finding something else fast. Once I quit, I didn't walk away, I RAN and didn't look back. Hope this post is helpful.     

Aderant Europe

I worked for this Aderant Europe nearly 5 years. Aderant is the worse employer that I ever worked for. I was tricked to join the company and I was made to work long hours. I recovered and saved  lot of money for the company by reopening tax claim of €400k and provided company with services which saved legal and professional fees paid to third party. Two years ago in May 2010, when my old CFO left and Carolyn Zelnio appointed as new CFO and she visited me in my office in London.  

Shortly after her visit I received an e-mail from her to inform me that my position is no longer available and I will be demoted and my salary will be cut by 27%. My line manager and HR director called me to discuss the restructuring and I was even told that CFO informed them that I am happy to accept a lower position. I had no idea about the restructuring nor agreed anything with her. My line manager accused me of lying and HR director meant to come back to me with options, which she never did. I was under a lot of pressure after covering for HR duties after company sacking two HR in space of 12 months so I had to do one extra responsibility on top of my finance position so I was tired and exhausted and I could not think anymore. I appointed a lawyer to fight my rights as employee as in UK company can not ask staff to accept a lower position unless they satisfy that their restructuring is necessary and even so they need to go through a redundancy process, which Aderant tried to deny my rights for that and they were insisting that is a re-organisation which has the same legal meaning in UK restructuring= redundancy. I filed a grievances with company’s new CEO and a month later Carolyn no longer was working for Aderant. However, my situation did not change and CEO did not reply to my grievances and three months later, when a new CFO recruited, she replied but with prejudice to say that company did nothing wrong. My appeal letter to CEO was even had the same result.  Company decided to make my role redundant than dealing with my grievances properly, however, they did not satisfy me and my union representative that this is a genuine redundancy. I am made redundant and even my holiday pay was not paid. I am taking them to employment tribunal.

Since Vista a venture capital firm bought Aderant in October 2009 staff in UK reduce from 50+ to 25 now. All good staff left and they are working for Aderant’s client or competitor. That shows, what a company it is that staff with over 10 years career with this company they rather move to competitor or client.  

Kind Regards                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

I worked for the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for 3 years and after doing some research on them and quiting, this is not a good place to work. I thought they where legit but after awhile I was paying close attention. I did every thing I could to help out for the kids more then any others in my postion, I went beyond my job. 

Then they started offering cash bonuses for us wich they always came up with an excuse not to pay the bonuses and pocketed it for them selves. They made me stay late several times and (they had no time clock) so they said not to wirte the extra time in cause they wont pay you for it, it was only by 5-15min more so I figured not to make a big deal out of it cause im helping the kids. 

If I would of knowin what crooks they where I would of went to the labor board. Then I Had a $15 dollar bonus coming to me so when it was time to give it to me they said I dont get it cause I called off, because I took my daughter to the hospital on a Sunday. That was not true, one thing Sunday is my scheduled day off and plus I was on vacation that day out of town and I didnt take my daughter to hospital. They said well if you get proof I took her to hospital they will give me my bonus. What idiots. Also they shorted me 2hrs pay and dont want to pay me,So I quit over this. Told them all most a year ago I moved and still havent change my address. Also the employees will be threaten by the boss and we will be fired if they dont like our donation amounts. 

The boss plays favorites and let them slide on the rules. They had a supervisor once that rob them. They hire criminals and teens that love drama. Lou the boss is hateful and disrespectful, he is a heartless pig. Had us all come in 4 days in a row just to send us home cause power was out. Bathroom runs out of toilet paper and it takes a few days for them to buy some. Was accused of stealing a cdrom when I was gone on vacation once. I could go on and on. They are a bunch of heartless crooks dont give to them. Childhood Leukemia Foundation  Indianapolis IN 317-788-2600