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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Palladion Services, LLC - Massachusetts

Palladion Services, LLC
184 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
T 617.482.1119
F 617.482.3322

Around August of 2006, I saw an employment ad in the Boston Globe for a Security Officer Position with Palladion Security, LLC. I also noticed that the ad stated that candidates were encouraged to walk in an apply and be interviewed on the spot.

I walked into Palladion Security, LLC to apply for a Security Position, I was given an application form to fill out. While I was filling out the employment application, there was another candidate who walked in ahead of me and was also filling an application.

After the candidate was finished filling out the employment application, she handed it to the Receptionist at the front desk, who then handed it to her supervisor.

The supervisor then interviewed the candidate, I overheard the supervisor informing the candidate that she was hired and was going over the details of her work schedule.

When I was finished filling out my employment application, I handed it to the Receptionist at the front desk, and she then buzzed her Supervisor to come out to interview me.

The supervisor looked and me and said to the Receptionist. "We are not hiring his kind at this time". The Receptionist then informed me that "they would call me."

NOTES: The cadidate ahead of me was white. I am mixed (black and indian)

Boston, MA 02108

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