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Monday, December 24, 2007

Walgreens - California

Walgreens Uncermoniously fired, mistreated and all without showing me proof

8766 Navajo Rd.
San Diego, CA 92119
Phone: 619-667-8715

I just cannot believe what happened to me Dec. 5, 2007. I had been working for walgreens for over three years. this day I was working in my dept. as a photo tech. it was very busy and I was stressed trying to get all the orders taken care of. Well, an individual came up to me and asked for the office door lock combination. I did not recognize the person and quickly asked, 'who are you?' He stated that he was the district manager. at that point I said Oh, and went over to the door and opened it for him. he did not say thank you, but just past me and into the office.

I could tell by his body language that perhaps his feelings were hurt simply because I did not recognize him. the loss prevention manager was in the office, a person I have known since being with the company and I had already greeted him at the start of my shift. The following events happened so fast that there is no question that I was being set up by the district manager. I was changing a four inch roll of paper when my store manger came up to me and said, when your are done with that, Dave needs to speak with you in the office. I asked him what for, did I do something wrong, and he said he did not know.

I went into the office and greeted the lost prevention mgr. he said to me that there was concerns that someone is stealing pm's. he said that they only had concerns and no one has made any formal complaints. he showed me no proof and he offered no proof. I am an honest person and was upset by the very fact that I was called into the office in the first place. By the way the questioning was going I felt he was accusing me of being the one stealing.

I inadvertantly brought up a situation that occured between another employee and I, namely the sims coordinator, who took in two photo orders. well I was already emotionally upset with her because of an argument that she and I had a couple of days earlier, and in the heat of the moment I did cancel those two orders and put them in my name. But as I explained that that is not stealing, because she had no right to take in the orders, since I was in the store and all she had to do was call me. But, again, he had no other proof whatsoever, but instead used that information that I inadvertantly shared with him and used that as a means to fire me. But, I am certain that this whole incident occured simply because the district manager was hurt because I did not recognize him.

el cajon, CA



Anonymous said...

If someone were to buy lipstick at your photo counter, would you call your Beauty Advisor to ring them up? It's not in Walgreen's best interest to make people wait.

I'm sorry you lost your job, but I don't think it had anything to do with not recognizing the District Manager.

Loss Prevention is always looking to make people admit to misdeeds. They come at you in an accusing manner, like they've watched too many episodes of Law and Order. This has happened to me several times in the 5 years I've worked at Walgreens. But then, I've never canceled an order to make an extra 50 cents for myself - which they consider loss. It would have been better for you to have just let it go.

I'm sure you're a great worker. I've known people who've been fired for lots of seemingly small reasons, but I suppose it all adds up in LP's eyes.

R.G. said...

Walgreens is the worst - thank god I got out of there before I got fired. I quit almost two years ago after working there for a year and a half.

I hate to say it, but I am thinking this is common practice with Walgreens' loss prevention. I worked at a small specialty pharmacy that was commandeered by Walgreens in late 2008, part of Navajo Rd's district in San Diego, California. I started right at the Walgreens takeover as a pharmacy cashier - not a technician.

I later passed my exams and became a technician, and with that my store manager/senior pharm tech thought I should learn the cash reports and register counting system - something usually only shift managers were allowed to do in a normal Walgreens.

Well, obviously, being 18 years old, not have ANY managerial, or cash-counting experience except for what I had learned on-the-job at this Pharmacy, I probably made a few mistakes without realizing it.

The thing was, the cash reports always balanced out - they were just completely screwed up. They would show a cash shortage of $0.24 one day, and then be over by $0.24 the next day, occasionally in larger quantities - an obvious newbie mistake in simple mathematics.

The loss prevention manager (Can't remember his name, except what we all called him "Anal-retentive Baldy") and the REGIONAL PHARMACY MANAGER from the point loma store sat down with me and pushed me into the same corner. I have NEVER cried on the job, but i came within inches of it in this uncomfortable interview.

The line of questioning from this self-entitled prick started out with him saying "So, Rick, you're from Fresno... Have you ever been arrested?" I blinked, thinking "You performed the background check, isn't it your job to know???" Instead, I politely answered "Uh, no."

He then went on to ask me if I ever stole anything. I blinked again. "No." He looked down and said, "Now that one was not so convincing." I was so fucking confused, I started thinking back... "Maybe I did just steal something and didn't know it" I thought.

He was using a guilt and scare tactic to make me feel uncomfortable and try to share seemingly irrelevant information. Later, after I realized what the hell he was trying to get out of me (Not kidding - 3 hours later) I insisted that I would not put up with counting the registers again until I had a proper training - which I never received in the chaos of the Walgreens switchover, even after this interview and the subsequent six months of my employment. Upon hearing this, I was suddenly a victim whom they treated with respect...

Moral of this story - Walgreens will treat you like a guilty bitch until proven absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're innocent. Yesterday (nearly two years since I left that horrid place), the entire staff was either asked to resign or fired, the same week a story hits the "Uptown News" local paper that Walgreens has bought a new building to make a whole new store RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the small, formerly independent pharmacy. And their reasoning for this? Apparently during a random drug test, an employee ducked out on lunch break missing the pee test. So the Store Manager was asked to resign, 2 Technicians were fired, and the Pharmacy Manager suspended pending termination. SCAMMING MOTHER FUCKERS. Capitalism at it's worst! Somebody put these bastards out of business!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I worked for Walgreens for 11 years as a sr.certified technician. Same store the whole time. When you've been there that long you tend to build relationships with your regular customers.
I was fired just yesterday (9/17/12) for "not getting to my work station in a timely fashion." Now Walgreens drills it in to every employee "no one waits and always ask customers you pass if they need help finding anything." So I usually did, especially if I know the person. Or if is saw "Mrs.Jones" who's been a customer there for the past 10 years and i just filled a script for her son "jacob" i would ask how he's doing. And for this, being personable and asking how someone is doing I was fired!
The kicker is the store manager said all my time clock punches "look good on paper" but upon further review they decided it took to long for me to get back to the pharmacy.
They offered no proof that i was wasting time, or where i supposedly was during the "missing time"
The store manager had it out for me since last labor day (2011) when there was a discrepancy with my holiday pay and sick time. My son had strep throat and couldn't go to school OR daycare. I had all the doctors note to back it up, but she still tried to take back my holiday pay. I contacted the pharmacy supervisor after going over the policies in storenet, explained the situation and he sided with me. Well that made her look bad and the pharmacy supervisor and district manager chewed her ass for the whole thing. Stating she was just being petty.
And ever since that I had a target on my back. She would nit-pick everything i did, and the first thing she could supposedly find she ran with it. Talk about holding a petty childish grudge. However I have contacted corporate about the matter, i want proof of my supposed misdoings.
I have also contacted a lawyer, because i do feel like I was wrongfully terminated.