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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tri State PennySaver Dba Pennysaver Group

Tri State PennySaver Dba Pennysaver Group
510 5th Avenue
Pelham, NY

Now that sales managers Mr and Mrs. Stacey and Ron Boring are terminated from this company the job recruiting may not be as agressive as it used to be, but as long as Larry Weinberger is the publisher its a blind man's bluff to accept any kind of work from this organization and I dare you to find any financial disclosures on. Mr. Weinberger still thinks that print advertising is a lucrative as it was in 1978 here in 2008 and the rates you will be quoting and quotas you will be expected to fill will reflect that.

They want (sales) help and lots of it. 7 day work weeks are fine. So are 12 hour work-a-days. You will be expected to work as a debt collector too traveling to stores who stopped paying for long running ads - good luck with that. You will need to find time to sign new advertisers and you will be visitng a lot of disgruntled ex advertisers only you won't be told. You will be expected to do telemarketing while you post up ads on a system that crashes and re-boots hourly because it was designed for 7-10 end users but being logged on by 30.

You will not be told any of this at the interview. You will be told the company is growing and expanding and needs your help. This is a false premise. You will be trained by someone who is as new to the company as you are and who may quit or may be fired before you are too. No one will be accountable for your guesses as you try to fill in gaps about policy and proceedure which will change and change back every week.

Your salary will turn into a 'draw' without notice and your draw may be cut or yanked altogether without warning. Because of your draw you will not be considered a salaried employee and you will not be eligable for unemployment

Richmond Hill, New York


JB said...

I have an interview with this company on Monday. Is there anything else you can tell me about them? Positive along with the negative as well.


P.S. I am applying for the open Staff Accountant position

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not talking about the Yorktown Pennysaver, or Yorktown Pennysaver Media Group?

Anonymous said...

he treats people that deserve respect with it and slouchs soon feel unwanted,,thats my experience

Anonymous said...

Worked for him in a different company for ayear was very upset when I was let go but he was nice to me for the time i was there but he does just hire and fire on a wim that is what i saw

Anonymous said...

i have nothing but praise for the man,,if you want a free ride,,definetly the wrong guy to work for...anonymous

Anonymous said...

if you want to learn,,great way to do it,,if u lookin for a free ride.wrong guy to work for..

Anonymous said...

worked for both stacy and larry.
you will learn a ton.
they are both really good and smart.
but, be prepared to work you butt off. if you can not make the commitment to them, you will be gone fast

Anonymous said...

this is a good company to work for if you are looking for a true sales job. they are not big into paperwork. they need talented people to go sell.
you can make a lot on money here.
I did for many years. but, if you are a slouch, this is not the job for you. they want successful people who want to make money and grow with this small company

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...