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Friday, February 1, 2008

OEM Kings

OEM Kings
Phone: 305-6547553
20262 NE 15th Ct
Miami, Florida, 33179

I bought a phone for my husband in november it was suppose to be a christmas present. i finally recieved it like a week or so before christmas and it didnt work so i called him to let him know that it didnt want to stay on, the screen didnt work, the speaker sounded blown, and all this stuff and he said he would send me a new head set and battery for the inconvenience. but i never recieved that. well i sent him the phone back. ive emailed him just about everyday and tried calling him but the phone number goes straight to voicemail and hangs up on me! so i havnt talked to anyone on the phone since the end of december. the only reason they called me then was so i would remove negative feedback. now all i get from them is the runaround! imtired of dealing with this guy. i want my money back not some aftermarket cell phone that doesnt work!

Foley, Alabama

1 comment:

Matt W said...

Hey All,

The owner's cell number is as follows: 917-685-0488

Call him directly! I had all kinds of problems and I finally got my money back through paypal.

Good luck