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Monday, May 19, 2008

Larson Tax and Financial

Larson Tax and Financial

If you like to work for a psychopath, work for Barbara Larson at Larson Tax and Financial in Broomfield, Colorado. She treats her assistants / Receptionist so badly that it can definitely be classified as Verbal Abuse. I still hear her terrible words replay in my head every now and then.

All of her complaints and attacks to me were personal, involving family, how time is volunteered, personality traits, and that her clients are there to see her, not me, and that I shouldn’t be too friendly.

She hires assistants, barely trains them and yells (using the worst profanity I have ever heard) at them for their inadequacies. She has gone through more than a dozen in a few years (maybe in less time than that). She brags about how she brought them all to tears.

I learned from her daughter that she used to be on medication, but Barbara proudly states that she is not taking it anymore (her largest mistake- ever). One day she will be nice and offer buy lunch, or let you leave to tend to a family issue. The next day, or hour.., will rub it in your face and tell you how you are an awful employee and how she is always taken advantage of.

NEVER ACCEPT any type of favor from her. Barbara speaks so terrible about her clients (her bread and butter), she avoids phone calls from them, puts off doing work for them (and vacations are always a priority). However, she is always available to her few VERY rich clients who invest with her, or have the potential to invest with her. She has even “lost it” in front of clients, then will blame the assistant for her bad behavior. When she is not blaming you, she is blaming her terrible childhood and terrible mother for her bad behavior. Knowing she has issues, she seeks professional help – which is not helping (I am sure she is not truthful about how she behaves).

Her poor Daughter and Daughter – in – law work part time for her. I know they would love to do their own thing and are trying to work in that direction, buying their own businesses and pursuing further education to do what they are passionate about. But they seem to always get persuaded to return. If it were not for them, her business would have died LONG ago….. Her children have joked about how they do a pool on how long an assistant will last…. Funny – NOT! Not when you are on the receiving end of the worst verbal abuse imaginable.

She has colleges in her same profession, which have experienced her, and also say she is “psycho” and unstable.

She maybe looking for a new assistant soon…. Please do not believe her lies when she hires you….. She will tell you she is difficult…. She doesn’t tell you that you will be working in, what I and other assistants have called, HELL.


Anonymous said...

As one of the first assistants in the string of dozens, I can attest to the high levels of abuse that a person suffers from Barbara. I have joked that the Devil Wears Prada was based on Barbara. I hate to say it but the woman is psycho and her business and personal priorities are completley screwed up. Who takes vacations in tax season when they are a CPA? I mean seriously. Working for that woman is a special place in hell kind of opportunity and I would not wish that on a single person EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to Larson Tax and Financial:

It sounds as though Barbara suffers from bipolar disorder. A terrible disorder, if ever there was one. I worked for a motel manager who suffered such. She was as every bit as horrible in her behavior as your Barbara. Best thing to do there would be to get as much experience under your belt as possible, keep a journal of everything that goes on while employed at the business, and keep your resume sharpened! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

As a long term client of Larson Tax and Financial, I find some of the comments ridiculous. Both the daughter and daughter in law still work at Larson Tax and Financial. Both are quite happy, and the service I receive is nothing short of stellar.

If a business owner wants to take a vacation, it is their business. There are always sour grapes, some people have nothing better to do than complain, rather than change their situation and move on with their lives.

There are always 3 sides to every story. I suspect that the mentioning of family situations while at work, was the true cause of the problem. If one of my employees spent precious work time dealing with family matters on a regular basis, I would let them go.

Anonymous said...

I had the displeasure of working for her several years ago and she was the same then as she is now. I can't believe that she stays in business. I've had former clients of hers make these same complaints. Barbara shouldn't be working for the public in such an important area of practice.

Anonymous said...

This is one persons negative opinion. I have been an client of Barbara's for many years and have not seen unprofessional behavior during my visits. I believe that this a nasty rumor propagated by one employee. If you feel that public defecation is needed then that is your childish right, but in my opinion this is a very professional company and deserves positive recognition.

Anonymous said...

She just prepared my taxes days ago and the experience was horrible. In front of me she disrespected other clients, was rude to one of her employees, and discouraged my goals. She is a very negative person.