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Friday, May 16, 2008

Shopping Feedback Inc.

Shopping Feedback Inc. Sent me cashiers check for 4998.00 sayibg 300 for training and pay.. the man i talked to was distant and unsure of his wording, with little detail to the job Winfred South Dakota

Shopping Feedback Inc.
160 Main St. Suit 105
Winfred, South Dakota, 57076

I was surpired to have some one send me a cashiers check for a job I never applied for. Check looks very real, but new right away that it was a scam. They are offering you 300.oo for your trainging and pay, and the job is for you to go to The Gap and spend 40, then wal mart for 50, then takes you for a ride by asking you to transfer money at a western unuion $1579 with a service charge of $99, then follows up with a money gram for 2873, and service charge of $57 and to grade the employees with each of these transactions..

When I called the number given the gentelman who was suposed to be the companys CO. new nothing about job and had little information on what the job entailed, he had a thick accent and was very short and to the point about what the # of the check was and told me to call him when I was going to deposit the check and ended with a 'welcome abored',,, if something is to good to be true... well you no the rest.

Hermiston, Oregon

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