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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monarch Management - The Management Trust

Monarch Management - The Management Trust
I have the ER records I presented to my boss and the HR rep after an absence due to sickness, and then they claimed I was not a fit for the company.  There was never any complaint about my performance; nothing but praise.  So how could I not be a fit?  It was medical discrimination based on the information in the hospital release to justify the absence, which they said I needed to give them (HELLO- HIPAA LAWS!).
They know it was retaliatory / discrimnatory based on the underlying health condition being revealed.  Other work issues were also violations, such as requiring me to use my personal vehicle to take the boss out to the property without being paid mileage, and for the unpaid breaks and overtime I worked through without a complaint.  I was never even given any kind of a warning, nothing but praise.  
Another thing is that I had temped for them for three weeks a month or so before they called me to come work for them when I had already found another job.  They offered more money.  So, I let one job go in order to go work for them.  I also lost other job opportunities because of them from other calls I was still getting.  Therefore, they did me a great deal of damage all to just claim I was not a fit.  If I had already temped there before and they loved me, how could I not be a fit?

Also, I would work through breaks and shortened lunches but I could not get paid for them.  I also was required to use my personal vehicle to drive my boss out to the property they managed, but did not get paid mileage or overtime for that. 
My husband had left me less than a week before I was fired, and to justify an abscence that occured because of a panic attached I showed the hospital papers on it.  Then they made up an excuse that I was not a fit even though all my work got nothing but praise from them and the quality of my work did not suffer.
Not only that, but I had to basically teach my immediate supervisor how to use Excel, one click at a time, while he sat there for hours asking me what to do next.  I had jealousy from more than one coworker, who wanted the job I got and was far underqualified.  There was also constant smoking groups right outside around the clock, including one very pregnant lady that no one ever even said boo about.

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