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Route managers that drive trucks over pre set customer routes are expected to do 22 plus customers per day or reach $1,000 plus in customer fees done.
With sales people discounting massive size lawns it becomes impossible.  You can not walk out & cover 22 - 30,000 square foot lawns along with set up & drive time.  That’s 7 & a 1/3rd hours of walking plus set up & take down times, paperwork that takes an hour + if you do it at home the night before as they recommend, talking with customers if at home & driving 100 miles or more in a days time of 3 hours +.  
The materials of fertilizer & weed control are measured to see if the route manager is using what they took out that day, but when square footage is never corrected, all they need to show used is a fraction of what would have been used.  How many employees dump their chemicals into sewer systems to keep their jobs?  Management requires 6 day weeks March 1st thru November 10th, then everyone is let go all at once.
The employees who are held up as examples that the numbers can be done end up getting fired once it is discovered they were not treating half or more of the lawns they turned in in order to reach the expected numbers.
When employees are fired for turning in work they never did, there is no effort by management to send anyone out to actually treat the lawn customers were charged for.
Pay rate is $425 per week, & since they pay commission on new sales they say they do not need to pay over time.  They do pay $4.50 per hour worked over 40 hours.  By the time you work 65+ hours per week your pay rate is less than $7.50 an hour.
Not meeting the goals is always asked if employees fear loosing their job, not meeting the goals means you are the first to be let go.  No matter how good a job you do for the customers.
TruGreen will be one of the businesses that looses larger numbers of customers during this down turn.