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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coach America

Coach America
3991 E. 53rd Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80216

Coach America, aka CUSA or just "Coach," is a miserable place to work. They work you like a slave because overtime is MANDATORY!! That means you will never get your regular days off, making your regular work week a never-ending cycle and if you can't work, they will try to either suspend or terminate you. Management does nothing BUT discipline drivers for the stupidest reasons. If you do so much as breathe in the wrong direction, you are disciplined greatly and treated like you're in elementary school. They feel that drivers are expendable because all they want is a body driving their buses constantly. Very high turnover rate, they just can't keep drivers at this place- gee, I wonder why?? My advice, save yourself the headache when thinking about applying. If you already work here, then I advise finding something else fast. Once I quit, I didn't walk away, I RAN and didn't look back. Hope this post is helpful.     

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