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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

I worked for the Childhood Leukemia Foundation for 3 years and after doing some research on them and quiting, this is not a good place to work. I thought they where legit but after awhile I was paying close attention. I did every thing I could to help out for the kids more then any others in my postion, I went beyond my job. 

Then they started offering cash bonuses for us wich they always came up with an excuse not to pay the bonuses and pocketed it for them selves. They made me stay late several times and (they had no time clock) so they said not to wirte the extra time in cause they wont pay you for it, it was only by 5-15min more so I figured not to make a big deal out of it cause im helping the kids. 

If I would of knowin what crooks they where I would of went to the labor board. Then I Had a $15 dollar bonus coming to me so when it was time to give it to me they said I dont get it cause I called off, because I took my daughter to the hospital on a Sunday. That was not true, one thing Sunday is my scheduled day off and plus I was on vacation that day out of town and I didnt take my daughter to hospital. They said well if you get proof I took her to hospital they will give me my bonus. What idiots. Also they shorted me 2hrs pay and dont want to pay me,So I quit over this. Told them all most a year ago I moved and still havent change my address. Also the employees will be threaten by the boss and we will be fired if they dont like our donation amounts. 

The boss plays favorites and let them slide on the rules. They had a supervisor once that rob them. They hire criminals and teens that love drama. Lou the boss is hateful and disrespectful, he is a heartless pig. Had us all come in 4 days in a row just to send us home cause power was out. Bathroom runs out of toilet paper and it takes a few days for them to buy some. Was accused of stealing a cdrom when I was gone on vacation once. I could go on and on. They are a bunch of heartless crooks dont give to them. Childhood Leukemia Foundation  Indianapolis IN 317-788-2600

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