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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dollar General - Tennessee

Dollar General
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, Tennessee, 37072

Dollar General - Discrimation from the District Manager

I was an assistant manager for a local dollar general. I started in February of 2007 and ended on my own accordance August 2007. I was making $7.00 per hour. (found out I was the lowest paid assistant manager that they had).

I submitted a letter of resignation and gave a full two weeks notice. I moved and wanted to find employement where I moved. I really wanted to be able to stay an assistant manager for Dollar General but at the time nothing was available.

I was offered a management position with a local Family Dollar making $8 per hour start out and I accepted. You intent with any job is to advance pay wise and knowledge.

Since all this has happend I have tried to apply at a local Dollar General as only a cashier. The manager of the store was interested in my with my qualifications that I would not have to be trained since I already new the dollar generals ways.

There are two local Dollar Generals where I live. I have worked at both locations and know the stores and both would hire me back. The district manager was approached. He rejected me.

So I guess my complaint is with the Grayson County district manager for Dollar General. (first name Jerry. W.) I fell that I am being discrimated against. This man was very ungratefull of me and my abiliity to work while I was the assistant manager.

After this complaint is filed I am sure that if something is not done about him then I will never have the opportunity to work for a Dollar General in the future, because this man would make it hard for me.

Denison, Texas

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Anonymous said...

Don't let it bother you. Sounds like you have already done better for yourself in the wage department.
Think of it this way about Dollar General, "where can you go and get paid less"
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

dg store in rock ville dont want they are rude at times floors overflowing with boxes delivered by truck they hide prices putting tape over shelves the books were cooke years ago by the founders son was sold to private eqity group has since gone public again i sold my stock years ago

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