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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sprint Nextel PCS - Missouri

Horrible Employer

Sprint Nextel rips off their call center employees. They base their perfomrance on cell phone sales and setting up plans then put them in Customer Service or Retention 'call gates' which inhibit them from recieving enough sales calls to make quota then write them up and even terminate.

Sprint missed payroll in August 2007 both in Kansas and in Reston VA. Sprint has often in the last 14 months failed to pay on time or in full. One commission check bounced in the amount of $3K causing great harm to my family. When confronted about late or non-existant pay they had the balls to tell employees in the call center that it was their fault for not 'managing their finances better' and in VA even told one widow that she had better find someone with $$ to marry.

They are forced to sign confidentiality affidavets and when trying to contact employment attorneys in KS to file suit for past-due wages and interest none of the attorneys would take the case because out of 13 firms contacted 11 of them already represented Sprint in some capacity.Sprint cheats employees out of pay on time sheets either by altering submitted time sheets to reflect a straight 40 hour week or forcing employees to finish paperwork off the clock.

Class Action suit already filed for this grievance. Stay far far far far far away from Sprint do not get takgled in their twisted web of poor practice and employee abuse.

My tag is Anonymous because of documented retaliatory practices against employees who 'step out of line' or air dirty laundry.

Kansas City, Missouri

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