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Friday, December 14, 2007

Family Dollar - Tennessee

Family Dollar
2017 Memorial Blvd
Springfield, Tennessee, 37172
Phone: 615-384-0496

I have been with this company for 4 years.i have been through 3 managers.i believe in staying assistant manager because of all the long hours managers put in and do not get paid for.its like watching a cartoon show here.a manager becomes so stress out that i notice their eyeballs start popping out and their hair gets mussel up and you can see the tension all other them!!

Everything everyone is saying is true.well i guess it has finally become my turn for them to get rid of me.i haven't had a raise because every year inventory is short,but sales are always up.i have had days and nights where nobody work but me.i hung in there.with every new manager i tried to do what each one wants done.

As an assistant manager there is lots for me to do.the problem is,they only put me on the register.i am not allow in the office,not allow to put up stock,not allow to go only to the middle of the store and oh...if there is anyway that i can keep from going to the bathroom they would be happy with that too.

Then they sat me down and explain that i was not doing my job?after 4 years of never being short i was $20.00 then $9.00 and now i even left the safe open?we have cameras but of course they can't show me the tape to show me personally that i did these things.i got the feeling that she thought i would jump up and quit.

Well,i am not like that.i inform them i wasn't going anywhere without a pink slip.i offer to be drop to a 3rd key since we don't have one and they could get another assistant.we only have 2 people that can close being nobody can pass a stanton test.i was inform that my pay would drop?i couldn't help but laugh and inform them that state law says your pay can be raise but not lower.oh my they seen i really had a brain!!

Over the years there i have busted my back,took insults,been accused of doing things i didn't do and go on and on.the reason i am still there?i am pass 50 so i wanted to retired here.the insurance is great and i want to keep it.the customers,well i always feel there is a story to every person from all walks of life.people are interesting.especially the long as they tell me i am good to them i will do my best to hang in

cedar hill, TennesseeU.S.A.

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