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Friday, December 14, 2007

Walgreens - Virginia

2232 E Little Creek Road
Norfolk, Virginia, 23518U.S.A.
Phone: 757-480-4116

I am doing this report for my daughter an employee at Walgreens.

She has had her privacy compromised as managers openly discussed her monies earned, register sales posted in plain view to customers with nasty remarks. Managers discuss her work with regular employees.

She has been degraded by managers calling her stupid to her face and openly saying they don't like her to customers and other employees. She has been harrassed about male employees by having her name and his name placed on stock room boxes.

She asked to work in another deparment to be told no, and the position given to 2 young men, one of which wasn't even old enough to work that department according to OSHA law. She went to the district manager with documentation and photos.

He met with the store manager to correct these problems. FOr a short time they stopped, but now back in full swing. SHe then went next step to employee relations at corp. office. They told her they would transfer her to another store. HOwever, no transfer, they just want to quickly give 3 write ups and fire her. SHe is afraid to go to work. Sadly this is her first job. What a way to start your experience with the working world.

They have broken her will, frightened her and have caused depression. How can they get away with this treatment??

She isn't the only employee at that store to experince the Walgreens mistreatment. EEOC and Dept Of Labor are of no help, other to advise hiring a private attorney. Great.. anyone know of a free or reasonable consult fee???


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1 comment:

Arslan Ahmed said...

Another worst employer to work for in Virginia is Vistronix

I didn't get paid but one week later. I was being polite, contacted their HR and what i got is "I am sorry, your profile is on hold, leme send you link to enter your time so that you can get paid." Got link, tried 20 times, didn't work. Emailed HR again. They contacted their IT dept and this is the email they wrote:

"Bobby- can u reset his password? This guy is a pain."

So after being worked for them for 2 weeks (contract position), i am still struggling to get what i earned. And apparently, after being polite and nice about the whole thing, i am still pain their rear.

Way to go Vistronix