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Friday, December 14, 2007

Maryland Health Plans - Maryland

Maryland Health Plans/John Petrowski
1035 Railbed Drive
Odenton, Maryland, 21113U.S.A
Phone: 410-874-7241

I was in search of a home position, being that I was a single mother and wanting to be home with my son. I came across this very appealing ad on

It was great hourly pay, flexible hours + bonuses with sales, and benefits -- seemed a little too hard to be true, but I applied and heard from him the next day. He scheduled a phone interview and hired me on the spot.

I started working for him immediately. I loved the job and again it was very flexible and great benefits and pay. I worked for him for a month with no pay. I listened to him daily lie to me about why I had not received my paycheck for the hours that I had put in. He told me that he sent it to the wrong address, was lost in the mail, and so on. I tried to give him the benfit of the doubt but after waiting two weeks and the lies kept building...He then told me he had personal issues at home and with the IRS. He then promised me my money by another date - that date came and passed and still no money.

Not only did this leave me in a huge financial situation but also here at the holidays....He then left me with no choice but to handle this the legal way. This situation put a huge financial burden on me and my family.

I wouldnt want anyone else to go through this situation. It has really taught me a lot and made me realize that you really need to search into the people and the companies you are employed by -especially if it is a work from home position. You cannot trust everyone!!

Buena Vista, VirginiaU.S.A.

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