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Monday, December 31, 2007

Southern Refrigerated Transport

Southern Refrigerated Transport
8055 Hwy 67 N.
Texarkana, Arkansas, 71854 U.S.A.

I have been with this company for a year and a half and have watched it go down hill. It started earlier this year when they took over several hundred trucks from Covenant Transport. Regardless of what anyone says, Covenant Owns Southern Refrigerated. One only needs to check the financial statements that Covenant files every quarter to verify ownership. This in and of itself explains a lot of the problems going on at SRT lately. If you have any doubts check this site for Covenant Transport and you will see a long list of complaints (most of them true I'm sure).

Some of the big things I have Noticed change over the last year: Reduced pay scales .04, Home time is optional, getting reimbursed for road expenses is somewhat difficult, their hiring standards have gone way down, Lots of accidents due to poor hiring decisions, night shift and weekend duty schedulers are absolutely useless (take care of issues Friday or wait till Monday), Pay is sometimes a week late, they eliminated security in the day time because they could not afford it anymore, the truck wash has been broke for many months and they refuse to fix it, they fired the guy who used to run the truck wash cause they could no longer afford it (which means you get a pressure washer and a scrub brush to wash their truck), Constant qualcomm messages about using mirrors to change lanes and to not get into accidents (this really needs to be said???), Most long term drivers quit earlier this year (new guys are cheaper) when they took on the new trucks, reduction in miles, extremely poor planning or preplanned loads, no trucks for new hires because the shop is backed up, and so on.

I can only say that I came to SRT from Covenant and am sad to say that I watched SRT become Covenant. It is little more than a revolving door (bring em in and push em out). I don't quite understand the mentality but then again, it's not my company If you look at how many millions Covenant has lost over the past few years you gotta wonder how they keep afloat. Perhaps they are squeezing returns from SRT and Star transport to hel cover their losses at the parent company...who knows. These next few weeks will definitely be my last. As soon as I line up something else I am gone as I have a good record and intend on keeping it that way. I wish you all well and would not recommend this company to someone looking for stable, reliable income and a good work environment.

Titusville, Florida


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I totally agree. This company is awful! I came to them in Nov. I already had close to a year experience and they made me go with a so called trainer (after waiting about a week) who found it more important to constantly go home and go the bars as much as she could... I told them about it, so and they stuck me with another so called trainer who took an hour to back up one day and refused to get a shattered windshield fixed and transmission that was going out,(I guess she did'nt believe me) all so she could make her quarterly mileage bonus. I guess safety is unimportant. Anyhow, I was sick of this trainer crap because I spent more time teaching them stuff they should have been teaching me and so they gave me my own truck...then I had to wait for it to get fixed before I could even leave. I was stuck in the NE a bit.. and was expected to run illegal to meet their ridiculous and impossible demands..I had an emergency that I HAD TO get home asap for...instead of finding a swap, etc I was told on that Thurs they would try to find me a load home to AZ after I delivered on Mon in TX. I am like Hello I need to get home they t- called the load to the yard and made me take a bus home (oh yeah real fast) and said when I return I have to go with a 3rd trainer..(I do not think so I was thinking but did not say anything much)..also expecting me to tote my stuff on the bus across country a 5th time for this company?? To top it off they did not tell me my bus departure from AR til last minute so after cleaning out my truck I had to haul ass to bus station, (hoping I did not have to wait the usual 2-4 hours for the company shuttle to show up to get me to the bus). Nobody could expain why they were doing all this. Anyhow I am yet to get any answers on why I could not take my truck top it off I was promised 31 cpm and only got 29 cpm. The miles fleet manager was basically useless and although ready for work they have not bothered to return my phone calls so I can get another although accident free and ticket free I think I am yet another one of their zillion screwed over drivers like all the ones I have talked to at the yard. Nobody in the office ever seems to have a clue or is ever willing to help. I think I have spent more time in the motel in Texarkana waiting on so called trainers and truck repairs then I got to actually drive. Oh by the way the trainer that liked to go home and hit the bars still has her job training drivers. As for the 2nd trainer it's a bad sign when the whole time you are with a trainer she is looking for a diffrent company to work for, she still works there too! I suggest people avoid this company for their own good!