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Monday, December 31, 2007


2350 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: 702-7271420
Fax: 757-299-0712

On December 9th 2007 I applied for numerous jobs online, I ran into an ad that was posted on craigslist that was hiring for Delivery Drivers. I submited a Resume and Cover Letter showing intrest.

On December 11th 2007 I got a phone call (unlisted number) from a woman who said to fill out there contract agreement and fax it over to 757 299-0712. I went online and filled out the form on December 11th 2007 to this website

I made a copy of my I.D. Social Security Number and copy of a blank check voided for direct deposit and faxed over the information. I did not recieve any response but on December 17th 2007 my Credit Union contacted me and informed me that a Person(s) tried to deposit a check $496 using my information to a Wells Fargo in Tempe, Arizona the check number was 109 which is the one I had voided out.

When I got home I found that another check #112 was deposited for $500 again this crime happend in Tempe, Arizona. I contacted my bank and posted a reversal on both amount but still whom ever this is still made more deposits and my bank had me file a police report which I did on Friday December 21

La Puente, CA

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