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Monday, December 31, 2007

W.I.T. Enterprises

W.I.T. Enterprises -Whatever It Takes Enterprises,
7475 Dakin Street
Denver, CO, 80221
Phone: 303-412-6747
Fax: 303-428-5002

Two weeks ago after applying for a marketing manager position on, I received a call from W.I.T Enterprises stating that they were a fast growing company in Denver, Colorado and had entry level management positions available with fast-paced advancement. They scheduled me for an interview two days later in northern Denver, Colorado, close to Arvada and Westminster.

The position states that they you will work in public relations, business to business sales, event planning, and start out as a marketing manager. This seemed to fit me perfectly since I have a degree in marketing and communications. The salary stated was $33,000 to $39,000/year.

I go up to the interview and interview with a person who says that he has just moved from Auburn Hills, MI where he had an advertising and marketing firm and has now partnered with W.I.T Enterprises in Denver to expand the Denver Market. He asks me what I look for in a company and I tell him stability, benefits, and career advancement.

After a few more questions in the quickest interview of my life, he lets me go. I was sure to ask several questions about the position to see what I may be doing and he stated that I would be helping the national wheel-chair basketball association team up with local businesses for cause related marketing. He said they had also just brought on DARE as well.

The next day he calls me back for my second interview which is a full day ride along with one of their 'corporate trainers.' I go the next week for my second interview and am introduced to the corporate trainer who has also just moved from Michigan so that he can train in Denver and then open up his own firm in Arizona. He has me fill out an application that includes a document stating that this day is a chance for me to decide if I would like to work for the company and a day for them to observe me to see if they would like to bring me on--all work was voluntary.

I was fine with this as I needed a job and also filled out a form that asked for my social security number. I was told this was for a background check; however, they never had me fill out a form or sign anything stating that I agreed to that. This should have been my first clue.

We get into a car with another person driving for my ride along interview. Both people that I am with are quite young looking --around 22-25--I just thought that stranger things have happened and they did say they had quick advancement. On the way to the 'territory' we were given that day they explained more about the business to business sales and doing fundraising-- it sounded as if we were going to speak to several business in Lakewood, CO to increase their business in stature in the community by them sponsoring the wheel chair basketball team in Denver and DARE. On the way to Lakewood they insisted that we stop at Wal-Mart so that I can get a warm hat (it was about 25 degrees out with 3+ inches of snow on the ground). They said that we may be in and out of the car a lot.

A few miles down the road from where I got my warm hat, we pulled into a residential neighborhood and parked. After parking, they handed me these books that looked as if they were knock off Gold C/Entertainment Books--the 'corporate trainer' stated that I may get lucky and sell one today. At first I thought this was a joke and a way for them to sift through the many candidates they said they had for the job so I went along with it for about 30 minutes as we went door-to-door selling the books.

It soon came to the point that I realized this was all there was and I told them that this is not the job for me. I asked them why I was not told it was a door-to-door sales job and they said that when people are told that no one shows up for the interview. They asked me to hang in there a few more minutes because they too thought it was not for them.

To be polite I did--even though I had been completely lied to. About 15-20 minutes later I told them that I was not going to do this and they must take me back to my car. My feet were cold, my socks were wet from snow, and my dress pants were soaked too (they had told me to wear shirt and tie for the interview over the phone--not to dress warm as we would be outside all that day). My ear was also hurting badly as I had been fighting an ear infection. They said that we can turn around and go back to the car.

However, turning around to them meant that we had to stop at every house on the way back to the car. I told them this was unacceptable as I was hungry now and needed food since I am type 1 diabetic and insulin dependant. Due to all the walking that I was not prepared for, I felt my blood sugar crashing as well. They refused to take me back immediately as this would interrupt them getting all the sales.

Finally after nearly 4 hours in the freezing cold we got back to the car. They were supposed to work until 5pm and it was almost 4pm so they said due to the office being 35+ min away by car that they could not take me back and finish their day of sales--I had to sit in the car until 5pm or maybe a little longer because they had only sold 2 books.

I was outraged, shivering, my clothes soaked, dress shoes ruined so afte they walked away, I called a taxi and got out of there. The $39.50 taxi cab ride was worth not waiting for these two scammers despite being in need of a job/career just so I could get back to my car.

As we walked back to car, I found out that everyone who worked there was an independent distributor so there are no benefits, they only make $10 for every book they sell so there is no salary, and there is no profit sharing at the end of the year like I was told. The profit sharing was when everyone meets back at the office and they have a bad sales day everyone pools there money and they all split it evenly.

They advertise for jobs on career builder, monster,, and a few other sites so BEWARE! All I hope is that this does not happen to anyone else where they have there day completely wasted and are trapped miles away from there car and cannot get away.

If this has happened to you with these companies and you would like more details, please reply. I am also looking for people to write and complain to the attorney general, better business bureau, and the labor board with me so that W.I.T Enterprises and D1 Advertising are required to be honest.

Eddie C.
Colorado Springs, CO


Geoff Merker said...

Thanks a lot for posting this Eddie.

W.I.T. called me today and I agreed to an interview. I also went out and bought a new tie, which I will probably now return, since I'm definitely not going to waste my time with this.

Best of luck in your job search, if you're still looking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I almost applied for this job!

Anonymous said...

I also want to say Thank You for taking time to write your letter. I would like to relocate to Colorado; I was also interested in applying. Now I will not make that mistake.


Anonymous said...

Well, Eddie,I can understand that not alot of people want to put forth the effort to acctually work. The fact that you don't even have all your facts straight about a business you were only with for one day, is very irrespossible on your part and makes a great business look bad. Just because you pussed out, doesn't mean everyone's like you and doesn't know how to have a good work ethic. Get you facts straight and then bash it, but you'd probably puss out on that too. Yeah Eddie you are just too much of a girl to do this....wipe the sand out of your vigina and tough up, douche.

juice by you though man.

glorywriter said...

They are still at it. W.I.T. enterprises is also known as D1 marketing, ad Circle Small International. They told me that Circle small is their "mother ship" but I could not find one word about them on the web. I think these guys are doing some serious fraud stuff here. They also told me that they offer a salary of 33-39K a year. I noticed at my first (and that will be my last) interview (I came to interview with WIT- but they had D1 interview me) that their affirmative action statement was not accurate and the wording was non-professional. The blasting rock music played over the office intercom was my first clue.

They claim to have working deals with the Nuggets and some other pro ball teams, as well as the National Wheelchair athletic association. I wonder if the other business's they list on their web site: www.wit are really affiliated with them?

Eddie, if you want to pursure this further, let me know at: I plan to report them to BBB but this blog is the best thing. It's only too bad that I didn't see this until after I had wasted my afternoon at the 1st interview. I personally can attest that what Eddie wrote was true about the 2nd interview. They told me that I would have to work with them for 8 hours for the purpose of them asessing me and me assessing them. Sorry- I've already assessed them and I'm outta here!

Anonymous said...

This is crazy! You all may want to check out this website as well:

I did some checking on them and their webaddress prior to driving an hour down there to visit with them and after reading all this, there is no way I will waste my time going down there. Seems like Kristal and team have been doing this scam for a couple of years. Thank goodness for google now days so we can do some background checking ourselves.

Good luck to you who are still looking. There is something out there for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow-thanks for the info everyone! I did door-to-door sales in the past but the company I worked for was honest about the fact that we'd be knocking on doors. I was a little hesitant about this company when I applied and I just got a message from Kristal today. Thank God for Google so now I know not to call them back for an interview!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the heads up on the company. I went in today for my first "interview" for a entry level management position and got the call back for an observation day on Monday. The interview was very quick and I was surprised to hear back from them so soon. I got a bad feeling and decided to do a little research. You saved me from a day wasted! I really appriciate it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your posting on WIT Enterprises, I too have been called in for an interview. Tomorrow actually! So thanks so much; I won't be wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm glad I did some deep internet searching today. I am a college student who will be graduating in 2 weeks, and must admit that I was intrigued by these sort of job postings that I've seen while searching online (all of the "Entry-Level Marketing and Event Promotions). While they all sound good on their posts, I knew I had to dig a little deeper, and good thing I did! I now know why I get these e-mails EVERYDAY for these jobs. They are all nothing but a scam, and I'm thankful that so many people posted on websites like this to save folks like me from falling into the trap!

Not WIT Material said...

Eddie, you saved me too, bud.

Anonymous, the WIT trainer, would be hysterically funny if he wasn't so pitiful. Thanks again for the valuable service you provided by being honest.

---Yeah Eddie you are just too much of a girl to do this....wipe the sand out of your vigina and tough up, douche.---

It just screams legitimacy, doesn't it, folks? Good call, Eddie.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...Tomorrow I was scheduled as for my 'tag-a-long' - 2nd interview. I sensed something amiss during my first contact and I will be cancelling any further discussions with this company. I hope you get the job of your dreams. Noelle Pascal

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this information. I have an interview tomorrow and I don't want this to happent to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eddie, these companies are so shady I had so much trouble just finding their office. It didn't even have the name listed on the sign and their glass front door had been completetly smashed! There were 10 other people waiting in this little office all with the same interview time. Some of the companies include Quantum, Empire Promotions Events in NJ. Watch out when they have 10 posts for immediate openings at entry level for any possible background. They had no 401K offered with a 5 minute interview. They wanted you to come to a 2nd part interview which is a day of observation to set up events where they take you in their car. DON"T BE FOOLED PEOPLE, TRUST YOUR GUT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your experiences Eddie.

I too went for that second "job shadow" interview. They kept me waiting, and told me that I would be going with them to Fort Collins. I told them no. I am also a Type 1 diabetic and there was no mention of any meals on this shadowing so I went with my gut and left them behind. Better luck to everyone with the job search and clearly use your judgement.

Anonymous said...

are they still at it??
Ha ha ha !!!
oh BUD!
i gotta admit i worked even after the second interview..
because i kicked ass on it.. i left with about eh 50-70 bucks a night .. which i seriously didnt mind at all.. but then i started loosing weight.. not eating right all that walking .. the people were fun
not a career sort to speak...
and is that Shaun being anonymous?
Juice by you??
By the way Shaun stop being pussy whooped yourself and TAKE CONTROL!
and i seriously dont think you should even use that "juice by you"
have you seen Requiem for a Dream??

Rebecca said...

Aww man! I got an email from Entertainment Marketing offering an interview. Supposedly I was chosen from several hundred, but I'm not qualified at all, clue #1. I checked out their listed web address and it didn't have any REAL information, clue #2. Nothing showed up in a Google search either. I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and they have a A rating but the two listed websites were junk, clue #3. I googled the name in the email and the name in but came up with nothing. Then I searched for the "Additional DBA Name" they had listed and found tons of negative information.

Now, I agree it's EXTREMELY shady the way they are recruiting, however, that doesn't necessarily make them one of "America's Worst Employers". They may be fine to work for, if you know what you're getting into...just a thought.

All that said, anyone hiring an administrative assistant??? My most recent job interview just fell through. ;)

k said...

This ia a very intersting thing. I worked for D1 marketing for about three months and although i did learn a lot i have seen it really take over peoples lives. Eddie when you were in the Denver office you probably heard about a crew that just went to houston to expand the business. i was apart of that and slept on the floor of an apartment for a month because nobody had any money becuase we were filled with false promises. Something that you are greatful for is not being desperate where you needed a job and then get brainwashed into giving up your relationships, friends and hobbies to strive for an unreachable goal as they explain it as an oppertunity of a life time.

Great article and if anyone disbelieves it of discredits it they are wrong becuase i lived the business and i know what its all about.

A positive side of the business was some of the relationships i built with people on the inside that i truly miss

Anonymous said...

So randomly in trying to write a work history for a resume, I thought to look up W.I.T. Enterprises. I worked for W.I.T. a few years back and I gotta say, the author of this article is 100% CORRECT. This is a terrible company, with a moron as a manager. Some days you may work eight hours, and make $20 or less. On top of that, you go out in pairs, and if you "train" some newbie who was duped into working there after you, if they don't do well, its money out of your pocket from what you earned that day to pay them. Juice by you Shaun. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Eddie. This company is nothing but deceiving. From the skanky girl that works there I think her name is Sam to the owner (Shaun) this company is nothing but a dump!

Anonymous said...

I have to comment here. I currently work for WIT. I have for a little over a month now. My name id Dan and the only reason Eddie is all butt hurt here is because he likes things handed to him. Personally I dont mind working for what I get. I make about 100 to 150 bucks a day. I have every day so far. The only reason some one does not make at least 80 bucks a day is because they have a bad work ethic. Plus there is benifits offered through a group benifit program they have. THERE IS profit sharing every saturday. AND there is a base pay to who ever does not like getting paid commission. It looks like Eddie needs to learn some shit before he runs his fuckin mouth. Oh yeah did I mention, We are part of the better bussiness bureau! We also deal with high clients like the Denver nuggets and the Colorado Avs. So just fuck off Eddie and quit bein a pussy or you will never get any where. Step one man have a good attitude. All I have to say is people cant knock it till they see for them selves.

DC, Oh yeah and juice by you other Anonymous PRO WIT person!!!

Anonymous said...

all I can say is...... better business bureau??? Whoop Di Do! still doesn't make WIT a legitimate company

Anonymous said...

WOW... I worked for WIT for about 2 years. They are completely full of shit. However, I did make some dough. The people were cool, Shaun was a good guy. I learned a lot about sales. The process and my experience at WIT helped me get to where I am today which is BALLIN! It is not a place for a career in my opinion. But it is a place where you can make a decent living and learn a lot. As far as Eddie, I agree that until he actually works for more than 1 hour he should keep his opinions to himself. But again, if you dont mind bustin your ass walkin 8 to 10 hours a day than you will walk away with about $600-$1000 a week easy. It takes a lot but again in the end the experience is well worth it. And as far as that J.U.I.C.E slogan goes, seriously? Requiem For A Dream is right! That is just fuckin ridiculous WIT. Come on guys.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of WIT I have to say this, I had no job, no experience and bills to pay. I was offered a job and took it. I made enog money to live comfortably and support my child. Shaun was a great boss who always worked to help me in anyway i needed. Is this job for everyone? No! You have to be willing to work hard, and you have to be a good salesmen, which Eddie, you clearly are not. JUICE!

Anonymous said...

I would still have applied to this job if it weren't for the juvenile and atrocious comments left by current employees. Cursing in defense of your workplace and degrading those who have issues with you hiring practices does not encourage trust in a business.

Anonymous said...

I actually did a reverse phone look-up from a Craig's List ad which directed me to this thread. I do believe that this opportunity could work well for a particular type of salesman, but it doesn't sound to me that the opportunity was presented as such to Eddie or the several other people who have had a similar experience with this group. What kind of a work experience can you expect from a company that deliberately misleads you in the interview?
However, the deciding factor for me in choosing not to look into this company is that the only positive comments posted here about the company appear to be from vulgar, insulting ignoramuses.
So thank you, Eddie, but also thank you to those crass W.I.T. supporters for demonstrating the kind of people that this company would want to have around.
I will apply my sales skills elsewhere, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with that, I was actually looking for a door to door sale/flier distribution job to work part time. The job posting I found was vague but it sounded like door to door at least and did not mention some obscene amount of money, but after reading all the "Anonymous" posts it is fairly obvious the company is not really professional at all. Not worth the time of day, thanks for all your posts I will make sure to steer clear.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Author respect!

Anonymous said...


I worked for WIT personally for about 6 months. Through the cold and snow (as Eddie mentioned), and the 95 degree days, as well.

I was originally excited that I had been given an oppurtunity in management so soon after graduating college. So, naturally, I went through their very quick 1st interview with Shaun and one of their trainers. On my 2nd "interview", their trainer drove out to a residential area and we started canvasing an area door to door. It was nothing CLOSE to what I expected, but I stuck with it because the trainer was a genuinely good guy.

I would say I consistently averaged about 80 dollars a day, which was approximately 9-10 dollars an hour.

I found that WIT was fairly decieving when it came to the interview process. At no point did they mention door to door sales. However, the job taught me a lot about myself, people, and sales itself. I met many great people who decided to try it as well. These trainers are doing as they are told by the managers, who are also following the model they were shown by other companies who helped them get "WIT" started. A percentage of all these "books" sales are going to the denver rolling nuggets to pay for their expenses. That doesnt mean others are not getting paid, its how America works. So they are not lying about this aspect.

I do, however, find it very interesting that the "anonymous" posts that were PRO WIT were so vulgar and the language was so harsh. In no way, shape, or form was it nessecary, and it does not promote good business. Why would anyone now see this thread and work for WIT? A simple, "Im sorry, Eddie, this was not for you" would have been a reasonable response from WIT. Knowing the image the company tried to keep, and the positive energy they created within their rundown building walls (haha), I was shocked to see the vulgar responses.

Anyhow, if one is attempting to work for WIT or any canvasing company... it is a truly humbling experience, and is a lot of walking all day, every day. But I find it to be a very testing and positive experience in my life. It is a lot of hard work and a way to push yourself in sales. I personally would not suggest it to friends and family, but in the end it did not hurt.

Good luck to those pursuing careers. And Shaun/Justin... Cheers.