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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waste Management

Waste Management
23355 Mile Post 12
Dewey Arizona 86327
Phone: 602-437-3165

Delbert vs. GreyWolf Landfilled Dewey AZ

Wrongful termination from job on Jan 3rd 2008 of 19 years from Waste Management , Harassments threw the year almost physical from one of the bosses, offered 36.000 to quit job last year, 'there was witnesses to that fact' Write ups threw the year after offered 36.000 that I refused to take. will not give me my pay check after 36 hrs, will not give me my severance pay like others have gotten after being fired, cannot get my 401 K because paper work of being fired was not sent, at one point my files was erased on what I have done for the company and some of my awards are gone but two of them I have at home, Last year was demoted from higher position and forced to take another position I did not want and pay cut or I was fired, etc;

I have worked for waste management for 19 years and never had a problem until the new boss came in about A year and a half ago, in 17 years i never even had a write up or any kind of problems what so ever, what they fired me for was doing what I was supposed to do.

On holidays we are off and to make up the extra day we have to pick up extra so we can be caught up by the end of the week, that is what I was doing and came up 3 box's short, I tried to call my boss he would not answer, I then tried to call our dispatcher and they did not answer, I turned it in when I came in after the route was done, this is normal as the manager and the dispatcher hardly ever answer their radios.

I did what the company requires and turned it in on a hall or call log sheet so they could contact the customers, I did go back to pick them up on the next day, also before I left the route I checked to make sure they had room to wait and they all were fine.

The fallowing Thursday I put in a 13 hour day and when I got in my time card was gone, I found out the route manager had it so i went to see why.

He called me into his office and told me he had to let me go, (I was floored) I asked him what for and he told me it was because I had left my route without finishing it, I told him I fallowed company policy on it and was told there was nothing he could do.

I feel I was fired for wrongful reasons and something needs to be done and my job back, I worked long hard years to lose my job now, I have a family and one has chronic Illness, mortgage payments, bills and now stress and worries about how I can make it.

I tried to send for my 401 K but they have not even reported me being fired to get it.

I have been looking for work and in a small town as this there is not much luck, I want my job back I done nothing wrong.

Other employees are upset on what happened and witnessed a lot of things to stand up to say any thing in fear of there jobs as well.

For a year now Norm Marley the man that fired me and two other higher ups, Dean Shwint and Mike Harless from HR has harassed me and when I tried to take the right steps to report it some how it got tossed out and the threats got worse, Norm Marley has been in trouble before in court about harassment charges to waste Management employees and it still continues.

31 other reports had been called into human relations about instead of doing anything about it they sent Mike Harless from HR and he told every one to stop calling if we did not like it we could find other employment.

I feel it was not called for that Mike Harless had his finger in my face and screaming at me.

Dean, Mike and Norm forced me to take a position that I did not want or experience at and a pay cut or I was fired.

Dean Shwint, Mike Harless, and Norm Marley offered me 36.000 to quit my job but I refused (There was witnesses ) and after the harassments got worse from Norm Marley and write ups started until I got fired I asked Norm for dispute forms for the write ups but he would not give me any.

When I had my office and doing routing Dean Shwint moved me out of the office, my stuff came up missing and my awards from Waste Management gone but two I have at home, some were in time my personal files was erased and everything I done while with Waste Management gone, I had to do a new file but everything I worked hard for gone.

After I was fired I was suppose to get my last check 36 hours from discharge but I did not get it until a week later, and was suppose to get my severance pay like every one else when fired but did not get it, I can't even get my 401 K.

I have been stressed, my family has been stressed since all this has been going on and the stress is worse now that I lost my job for no good reason.

But I will tell you this Mr. Norm Marley!!!! How dare you come out to my house in front of my driveway at 9:45 a.m. this morning on Jan 11th, 2008 in the WORK TRUCK while I was checking the tires on my truck to have you point your finger at me and laugh, what! you did not think any one would of seen you sir? Your wrong, my street is under block watch and you was seen by my neighbors.

What was your reason for coming here sir? Our home is no where near the job and its not even on a main street to pass by and you don't live out here or even do this area, what was your purpose to be here sir? You pulled in front in the company truck and pointed your finger at me and laughed and when I started to walk to your WORK TRUCK you took off, again what was your purpose? To harass even more? Are you stocking me sir? LEAVE ME ALONE! you got what you wanted.

I will take you to court sir and I will take waste management to court as well for allowing all this to still continue.

Prescott Valley, AZ

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