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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Work Opportunitys (Leddy Group)

Work Opportunitys
New Bedford, NH

I applied for a job a while back that only went through the leddy group which I was not aware of until they contacted me asking me about the position I applied for. They told me I would need to interview through them in order to be considered for the position so I agreed to go in. I filled out my application and interviewed with someone they then asked me if I was not able to get that position what else I would be interested in.

I did not really want to be stuck with a temp agency again due to problems I have had with other ones in the past. I decided to sign up because I thought they were going to put me in a perminant placement job or at least a temp to hire which I requested. They told me that it would be no problem to find me one and that it would be the same thing as the job that I wanted if I did not get hired for that one.

They had me go in for another interview to tell me that I was 'qualified' to work for them (whatever that meant). They told me they were going to send my application over to the initial company I wanted to work for but that they did want someone with experience in the field, so there really was no guarentee for getting this job, however as said above they did tell me that they were going to place me in a job just like it if i did not get that position.

The position I wanted was a material handler (shipping, receiving, warehouse work) I also told them I would settle for manufacturing as well but it HAD TO be a temp to hire.

A day later I get a phone call and they wanted me to take a job that was just TEMP not TEMP TO HIRE like I asked which they wanted me to move some wooden palets around for 10 hours at a rediculously low pay rate. Later on after that I received several calls for all just temp jobs anywhere from cleaning out section 8 housing apartments to several other positions that had nothing to do with what I wanted.

They finally found a temp to hire job for me which I was really glad for. Then I learned by other people at the factory that the agency basically 'owns' you and they can keep you on their system as long as they'd like so you won't get any benefits. I looked at the time sheet and it stated that if a company signed you on before the 6 month trial time period was up that the company would need to pay a full fee. In most places it is only 3 months which was never told to me it was just on the time sheet that they gave me.

The job was not right for me, I did enjoy the people who worked there which had nothing to do with the leddy groups help. I called them up and told them that they would need to find someone else for the position. The woman who I spoke with started yelling at me so I told them to take me off their list for future employments and that I would call them back to let them know further info about my situation, they didn't want to hear it.

My advice to anyone is if you have to use a temp agency, make sure its a good one with benefits available through them and that there is only a 90 day period instead of a 180 day one. Also make sure that if you tell them temp to hire jobs and if they try to talk to talk you into taking a just temp position that you terminate further contact from them immediately.

Somewhere around, New Hampshire

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