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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AS Network, LLC

This company charges you a monthly fee of $29.95 to apparently get your application and resume in front of the leading pharmaceutical companies across the US. Then they send you a training manual for an additional $69.95 so you can take their 'sales course' online and add it to your resume.

The sales course was BS...just a small 'book' of common sense when dealing with customers.
When I tried to send it back for a refund they said my 30 days was already expired. (apparently they started counting when I had first called about being interested...not the week later it took me to receive their info and return a signed agreement!)

The job listings they returned for me every 4 days or so was also BS. I was getting better matches from the huge job engines like and Considering the fact I had paid them you think they would have worked harded to match me with jobs I could actually apply for in Phoenix.
Now that I called and canceled my membership they said for the last remaining 3 days they will NOW put my application 'out front' whatever the hell that means.

Phoenix, Arizona

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