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Friday, May 16, 2008

Covenant Transport

Covenant Transport
400 Birmingham Hwy.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37419

Covenant Transport Integrity,honesty ,respect

Integrity,honesty,respect. These are the Biblical principles that David Parker (CEO and President of Covenant Transport) claims to operate his business by. In Sept. of 2005 I was under a dispatch to make a local pick-up and delivery with a full size (72.5 feet long) commercial vehicle in N.Y.C. and ended up having an incident which may have cost me approx. $10,000 or more in fines. The first thing Covenant transport did was to absolve it self of all responsibility and left me out to hang (figuratively speaking). I was ordered into N.Y.C. under forced dispatch. Covenant made no mention of N.Y.C. D.O.T. regulations for commercial vehicles that exceed 55 feet or 53 foot trailers which are required to have permits entering and exiting their jurisdiction.

The N.Y.C. highway patrol officer told a member of Covenan't safety dept. that we were not supposed to be in there and Covenant's response was 'Yes,we know that'. After this incident,I made it a point to find out what exactly were the regulations were.

Covenant transport did on three more occasions attempt to get me to enter N.Y.C.
illegally and without the required permits and I refused citing N.Y.C. regulation.Twice they took the loads off me and gave these loads to drivers who knew nothing of these laws. The third time I refused, I was fired.

Covenant fired me but in a separation notice that Covenant sent me,they lied and said I quit. I filed a notice to Covenant about this and Covenant decided to change it to dismissed and sent another notice. I have in my possession a letter from Covenant's corporate attorney indicating that Covenant changed the reason for my separation a third time.

I have sent three letters (certified,return receipt requested) to Mr. David Parker personally and a number of e-mails to Covenant seeking my employment to be reinstated,but they have continually refused. Mr. David Parker has refused to reply to any letter or e-mail regarding this . I have also asked him under what biblical principle does it give his company the right to fire an employee for refusing to do something illegal. Mr. David Parker has not responded.

I applied for unemployment and was given it with out a fight as Covenant could not prove that I was fired for 'company policy violation'. After this I gave notice to U.S.I.S. (United States Investigative Services,the company that collects the information contained in the DAC report) that I was protesting Covenant determination for my dismissal and I wanted it removed. U.S.I.S. contacted Covenant regarding this and for a rebuttal and Covenant did not reply and the information on my DAC report was removed. I then sent an e-mail to Covenant Transport regarding Tennessee Dept. of Labor's decision on my unemployment benefits and U.S.I.S.'s determination and I notified them that I was going to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against Covenant. It was then (after the fact) that Covenant made it's rebuttal to U.S.I. S. and the original determination for my dismissal was retained on my DAC report.

Covenant did in fact change the reason for my dismissal three different times. Mr. David Parker still refuses to address this issue,reinstate my employment,or reimburse me for this illegal dismissal. I have documentation to prove all of this. I have hand written letters addressed to Mr.Parker,copies of e-mails,a letter from the Tenn. Dept. of Labor,a letter from Covenant's corporate attorney,letters from U.S.I.S. proving all of this and more.

Integrity,honesty respect? None from Mr. David Parker,who claims to operate Covenant Transport by those biblical principles.

Buffalo, New York

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