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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phoenix Global Solutions San Diego

Phoenix Global Solutions San Diego
353 Third Ave Suite 202
Chula Vista, California, 91910

Looking for a chance to jump start my career after graduation from USC I was drawn to an ad on career building from Phoenix Global Solutions with the promise of vertical growth and the chance for excellent management opportunities. I decided that moving to San Diego was what I wanted to do and I was excited to think of the possibilities this company promised. After applying for this job I received an email almost immediately asking to come in for an interview. Great, I thought, things are looking good.

So I headed down to Chula Vista for the interview. I show up to this office building that looks like it belongs in the 70s with no up keep since then. I walk into this office which is small and full of other 'highly qualified' individuals. As I started talking to another applicant I find out this guy barely finished his GED and he was 24. Wow did I ever feel qualified. HA that should have been my clue to run, but at this point I was interested in seeing how this 'dream job' was going to turn out.

So now the 'manager' comes out and calls me in for my interview. His name is Justin Dutcher. This guy looked like a fat slob who needs to learn how to dress well. This so-called leader had giant holes in his ears where he used to have plugs and had a horrible stench coming from his body. Being the leader of this self-proclaimed emerging company that posts amazing profits, you would think the manager would know how to shower! We get into his office and I look down and notice he is wearing white socks with his dark suit that looks like it is from Wal Mart. A very classy individual I see... After talking to this guy, I would be surprised if he even has a college degree. Actually, I bet he doesn't even have a GED!

So then the interview starts and he goes on and on about the amazing growth opportunity this is. I ask him what the job entails and all he says is that they work for huge corporations providing them value and face to face interaction with their customers. So I ask him to expand on my responsibilities some more, but he runs around and around the issue. I soon realized this tall, smelly oaf is just giving the run around on the fact that all the job actually would be is DOOR to DOOR sales! What a waste of time and gas. I wish I never came down and I hope that posting this will help save others from this scam artist! Keep away from Phoenix Global Solutions and Justin Dutcher!!!

Phoenix Global Solutions is NOT the expanding company and opportunity that it claims to be. All you will find here is LIES, LIES, LIES. Stay away from Phoenix Global Solutions and their 100% commission, door to door sales positions. Justin Dutcher is a liar hoping you will come in and fill his sales force so he can go back and buy another $50 suit or maybe, just maybe go and buy some soap!

Pacific Beach, CA


vivisparamito said...

woww thanks for the hint.. today I went to my interview with phoenix global solutions and by the time I came in a girl and a guy where there about 25 yrs old and the first thing they did was to put linkin park music out loud and by the time I was filling out my application they where talking and talking ( there was nothing professional about it) and then I went into the manager office by the time he start talking it look like a 10 yr old kid playing the roll of a manager.. he told me that he needed managers for another office in 6 months because they were going to open more offices and after that he told me that tomorrow I was going to have my 2nd interview for 8 hrs with no pay :S and to wear comfortable shoes because I was going to be walking a lot but he never said nothing about door to door sales ! so after reading your post I'm not going back! thank you!

elsamart said...

thank you - saw the ad in Craiglist and almost applied for it....I appreciate your saving me a lot of time and energy! (by the way, I noticed on the website the many spelling mistakes and other abnormalities that stood out to me in the first place making me wary that is wasn't that professional - then I saw your complaints when I did a google search on the company).

Anonymous said...

SAME HERE.. Except this time he tried to be a bit more professional.The website has many mistakes.. and isnt fully finished.
i thought only tattoo parlors played loud metal music.. LOUD LOUD RAP??? WTF is going on.. the "office" wasnt any better. The floor was awful and dirty. random pictures were all over ther walls.
This Justin guy is charming.. so watch out. GOOGLE SEARCH EVERY THING!!

Anonymous said...

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Jeff M. said...

ditto , ditto, ditto.

I don't get what these people get of just leading you on. Smart people are going to sniff this out as a waste of time, and the morons who actually go through with it, wouldn't exactly be, let's say, qualified candidates for anything.


Anonymous said...

I knew this company and their "sister" companies very well. It's all a scam and Justin just hires girls he thinks he can prey on. The dude is a douche bag who can not hold a real job which is why he is working for Cydcor. The only reason he is a "manager" of this branch is because he kissed Sys Savanah's ass. Sys and Justin see eye on eye on scamming people and lying.

Any "sales" job that makes you work for commission only is not worth your time. If you're a true salesman, you know damn well as I do, you deserve full benefits, salary AND commission for your services. Cydcor as a whole is a complete joke and should be avoided at all costs. The only reasons these big companies deal with them is because of the slave labor effect. And as a board member with one of the companies that employees companies like Cydcor [yes, I've came full circle now] I can tell you this is nothing short of a fact.

Thank you.