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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

United Roofing

United Roofing,Eric Larsson
Phone: 352-873 7277
5978 Se 68th St
Ocala, Florida, 34472

I have been employed by this company on more than one occasion, although I never agreed with the owners ethics I enjoyed the job and the heavy flow of work.
In or around 2002 I was fired for takeing my roofing exam, the owner said he didnt want to help his future competition,although it wasnt fair i moved on.

In 2003 he lost his right hand man and asked me to come fill the position, so again I was employed with the understanding that i was allowed to pursue my roofing license.After about 2 months I passed my exam and went to the office to show my grades and was met by the owner with a smile and a fireing ,he said he thought he could deal with it, but found it hard to employ someone so close to getting there own business.Again I sucked it up and found new employment.

I found a job as a salesman for another company but the company had 2 other salesman, so when things slowed down it left me with more free time then work,its at this time that United Roofing CONTACTED ME,and offered me the salesjob as the only and lead salesman along with a verbal 2 year contract.Towards the end of 2007 things slowed and not only was i no longer getting leads he gave what he did get to another employee that was salary,(GOOD FOR PROFIT ,BAD FOR SALESMAN WITH SUPPOSED GARANTEEED SALES JOB)again i sucked it up, drained my saveings and waited for things to pick up enough for me to get some sales leads.Finally around march 2008 things picked up enough for Eric Larsson to throw me some of his scraps(leads that are not very good )and i made what I could with them.On may 20th 20o8 i called the office because my checks were not what they were supposed to be ,and having seen the incorrect reports I asked Eric Larson to review them.His response was 'You know what ill fix your commision ,but youll not get any more leads from this office'.

So it was either take what he will give me ,fair or not, or get out of my face attitude .

It is obvious from this that i may be a glutton for punishment, that does not make this right.I am not the 1st salesman to be mistreated here.

I will end this story with the fact that i am now unemployed because i saw discrepencies in my money and asked for a review.United Roofing and its owner are fit for the stereo typical horay for me and forget everyone else people.

Silver springs,

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