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Monday, May 19, 2008

University of Miami Director of Public Safety

My name is Winston H.and live in the State of Florida. The story i am going to explain is bizarre and usual, so let me get started. First, I am going to mention all parties involved in this bizarre incident. The main culprits are Tony Artrip, University of Miami Director of Public Safety and Ramon Valdes, Operations Manager of the University of Miami. In addition, Mark Aprigliano, Jackson Memorial Hospital Director of Public Safety and Harold Hines, Operations Manager of Jackson Memorial Hospital.
I will next describe chronological events as they happened; beginning with the date of Wednesday March 26, 2008.

On March 26, 2008, Mr. Douglas Nemire from Jackson Human Resources called my cell phone to ask me if I could start on Monday April 7, 2008. I informed him that I will get back with him with my decision, which I did on Wednesday morning April 2, 2008.

On Monday March 31, 2008 at 10:00 am, Mr. Harold Hines called and left a message on my cell phone requesting to call him back wanting to know if I had clearance to start on Monday April 7, 2008.

Wednesday April 2, 2008, I called Mr. Douglas Nemire at Jackson Human Resources to accept the job offer at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

On Wednesday April 2, 2008 right before work, I met with U.M. operations manager Ramon Valdes to inform him that I had accepted the position offered by Jackson Memorial Hospital. Mr. Ramon Valdes presented an understanding position at first, but then demanded that I give him two weeks notice. Giving U.M. operations manager Mr. Ramon Valdes two weeks notice was impossible because the first time I learned about the job offer was March 26, 2008. Mr. Ramon Valdes informed me that he was going to call Mark Aprigliano, Jackson Memorial Hospital Public Safety to get information regarding my start date.

Right after the meeting with Mr. Ramon Valdes, I met with Mr. Douglas Nemire at Jackson Human Resources and informed him of Mr. Ramon Valdes displeasure in regards to my short notice of resignation. Mr. Douglas Nemire called Mr. Harold Hines in my presence to inform him of the ongoing situation. Mr. Douglas Nemire was informed via telephone by Harold Hines that if I didn’t take the job on the scheduled date April 07, 2008, that there was no assurance that I was going to get another call from Jackson anytime soon. Therefore, I made the decision to accept the job offered by Jackson Memorial Hospital considering that it was my only chance as expressly indicated by Douglas Nemire at Jackson Human Resources. My decision to accept the job was immediately transmitted to Douglas Nemire during that meeting at Jackson Human Resources.

Right after the meeting with Mr. Douglas Nemire at Jackson Human Resources, I made sure to call Mr. Ramon Valdes at his office (305) 243-8135 to inform him that I had accepted the job offer at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Mr. Ramon Valdes requested that I give him a resignation letter and expressed discomfort for the short notice given.

On Thursday April 3, 2008 I went to Dominion Garage 145 to deliver my resignation letter to Mr. Ramon Valdes, he was not available. In absence of Mr. Ramon Valdes, I hand delivered two separate copies of my resignation letter to Mr. Anthony Artrip who begun to question me about my job offer with Jackson Memorial Hospital. He wanted to know when Jackson called me and demanded information from me that is normally considered confidential. He went as far to say that he wanted to get to the bottom to this issue referring to my entire job offer details.

Mr. Anthony Artrip picked up the phone in my presence and called Mr. Mark Aprigliano Jackson Memorial Hospital Chief of Public Safety; he proceeded to record a message requesting that Mr. Mark Aprigliano returned his call to discuss my resignation.

Mr. Anthony Artrip was visually angry and stated to me that my decision to accept employment at Jackson with short notice could hurt my chances getting rehired at the University of Miami.

On Friday April 4, 2008, I received a call from Mr. Harold Hines at 2:04 p.m. and spoke to him for 2 minutes and 36 seconds. The purpose of his call was to request my presence to take part in a meeting with Jackson officials.

Thinking I was being called to have a meeting with Jackson security management in regards to my employment with Jackson, I attended the meeting at once. When I entered the office, I was asked to wait; while being waiting I observed Mr. Mark Aprigliano and Mr. Harold Hines passed by me once and then returned accompanied by Mr. Ramon Valdes from University of Miami Security Department. Surprisingly for me and being as unusual as it is, I decided to stay for the meeting as a matter of courtesy.

Mr. Mark Aprigliano opened the meeting explaining that he had received angry e-mails from Mr. Anthony Artrip and/or Mr. Ramon Valdes regarding my giving short notice of resignation to U.M, he added a remark to his comment where he explicitly explained that him and Mr. Anthony Artrip are good friends and refer to such friendship as good buddies. Despite the obvious friendship between Mr. Mark Aprigliano and Mr. Anthony Artrip they still have an obligation to treat business as business and respect all governing laws whether Federal, State or simply institution policies and procedures. Mr. Mark Aprigliano complained to me that he was getting a lot “heat” as result of my resignation. He did not specify the source of the “heat”, but is very presumable that the sources providing the “heat” come from the University of Miami Security Department Administrative office.

Mr. Mark Aprigliano questioned my integrity as to when Jackson Human Resources contacted me regarding my job offer. Mr. Mark Aprigliano stated that my chances of getting hired by Jackson were in question. Mr. Ramon Valdes was clearly upset in gave me a verbal warning, which I quote at “that you definitely burn your bridges at U.M.” and chances of getting rehire at the University of Miami. He went as far to say that Mr. Anthony Artrip would send a memo to the University of Miami Human Resources to make sure that I will not get rehired.

At the end of the meeting, Mark Aprigliano informed me that he will call me to tell me if I will continue my transition with Jackson Memorial Hospital. On Friday April 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm, Harold Hines called me from Jackson Security office and informed me not to show up on Monday April 7, 2008 for the scheduled orientation. He stated to me that he was providing message or information of behalf of Mr. Mark Apriligando, Chief of Public Safety of Security Department. Harold Hines also informed me that Mr. Ramon Valdes and Anthony Artrip both from the University of Miami Security Department directly influenced the final decision made by Jackson not to hire me.

On Friday April 4, 2008 at 6:50 pm, Mr. Ramon Valdes called me to inform me not to come to work on Saturday April 5, 2008, and told me that he was going pay me with Floating Holiday. On the same phone call, Mr. Ramon Valdes stated that Lead Officer Freddie Bryant, afternoon shift supervisor, was informed of this decision.

On Monday April 7, 2008 at 6:50 a.m., i arrived to the employee orientation as dictated on the Jackson Memorial Human Resources letter. My name was on the list, which i signed next to it and was given my Jackson Picture Identification Card. This only confirms what i believed was a deceptive and well organize plan for me not to show up and be terminated on the spot for not showing up to the orientation. This in fact confirms my belief that Jackson Memorial Human Resources was not aware of this action taken against me by Mark Aprigliano, Harold Hines, Tony Artrip and Ramon Valdes.

I continued with the employee orientation process until Wednesday April 9, 2008, which at then, i had to report to the Security Department. Harold Hines was the first to see and asked me if i had fixed the problem between the University of Miami and Jackson. He told me that i could not enter the classroom, until i speak to Mark Aprigliano. When Mr. Aprigliano arrived to his office, i was order to enter his office. He immediately question my presence at Jackson Memorial Security Department and demanded to why I had a Jackson Memorial Picture I.D. He stated that i was in the "false pretense" that i had job with Jackson Memorial Hospital. I explained to him that letter given to me by Jackson Memorial Hospital Human Resources dictated otherwise. I made a copy of the letter. Mr. Aprigliano ordered me to hand over all Jackson Memorial property to him. Afterwards, he made threating remarks in regards to my formal complaint letter sent to the University of Miami. He said what did i think i was going to accomplish with the letter and that he could take actions against me. I immediately went to Human Resources for an explanation of this actions against me, but Mr. Nemire Douglas had no idea of the incident. He was called my Harold Hines to instruct Nemire Douglas to write me a letter of termination, but Mr. Douglas did not want to write the letter and wanted to talk to Mark Aprigliano in regards to the incident.

By Mid May, I received a letter from Mark Aprigliano. In the letter, it states that i was terminated because i did not successfully complete the one year probational period because i was not able to adhere to Jackson Memorial Hospital standards. I found it funny because i was there for only two days and those two days were at Orientation.

Unfortunately for me, i lost both jobs and now i am currently searching for one. I know what they did was wrong and unethical, but in the eyes of the state of Florida, they don't see it illegal. Its unfortunate incident for me, but its a greater tragedy that employers can commit wrongs, deceptive, and malice acts against employees without fear of the consequences. The state of Florida ''at will' must go. Employees are at the mercy of employers who can fire you at any time without reason. They can fire you because they don't like you and they are within their rights to do it. What about the right for employees? What about the emotional distress fire employees must endure? No money to pay for bills, lose all benefits (medical, dental, and years vested).

At the end, i hope we can change the laws to better protect employees from malice employers.

Winston H.


Anonymous said...

I was doing a search about Jackson Memorial, I know you've lost everything and yes Employers do what they want when then want to Employees. Your correct the laws in Florida for firing someone do need a Big change. But to be honest I have a family member atJackson memorail and I feel between the Hospital and U of M are all just a chop shop. They use patients to expierment on and that they are killing my family member. I know I wouldn't want to work for an Employer like that. Maybe the persons involved should be checked out to see if they are all Legal citizens of the United States,or maybe they have family members who they wanted to get hired to take the position at Jackson memorial. The Hospital is dicgusting and dirty, I wouldn't allow them to even do anything on my dog that's how bad they are.

Anonymous said...

Florida is an "at-will" employment state - you are not legally bound to give even 5 minutes notice if you wish to resign. How much notice do you think they would give you if they want to fire you?

Anonymous said...

In response to Winston H.

It is truly sad that in America today, with unemployment at 10%, people miserable with no health care coverage, employers and government alike seem to be hiring some seriously amoral people to be their managers/bosses. It tragically proves the old addage over and over again: "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!"

Anonymous said...

I too had the misfortune to work 2 years at University of Miami Medical Center. I worked for Mary Murtha and Dr. Jeffrey Augenstein. Never have I seen a workplace with so much nepotism and good old boy networking.
Any attempt to improve or modify the status quo results in immediate disciplinary action followed by termination. Any attempt to approach HR with issues is rebuffed. They promise to "investigate" but the result always favors the people in power.
After two horrible years I resigned in disgust. In those two years a parade of people came and went, some lasting only a few weeks. I would never consider working there for any amount of money.

Anonymous said...

The state of FL may have an at will policy, but your rights as a citizien of the US are protected by the US Constitution. In reading your story I can tell you you can sue them defamation and false pretences. Not sure if the statue of limitations has expired but you do have a personal case not against Jackson or UM but personally against all involved.