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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prime Inc

Prime Inc
2740 North Mayfair
Springfield, Missouri, 65808

My husband bought tie downs, tarps, was charged for his room during his orientation, and the only thing they reimbursed him for was his room charges, but that was after 3 months. Prime conveniently forgot to pay for anything and everything they could. In the mean time we are getting deeper and deeper indebt.

I don't know if it is possible but it seemed the more driving my husband did (he got home once every two or three months) and the longer he was gone the less money he was paid. Does 400 dollars a week sound right to you? And over 500 dollars a month for health insurance? You have got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile, payday is today and the mortgage payment is due and guess what (big surprise)? No check. Now what?

I was looking for a way to contact the company and found all these complaints so at least I know we are not alone. Any suggestions on what to do next?

Now I am going to research the new company that my husband decided to work for. Once bitten....

Potlatch, Idaho


Thyris said...

I worked for them...sorry, "leased with them", in '05 and '06. I've just found out that all those license and tax fees they promise to pay for you don't actually get paid. The IRS filed a return based on their reports during the 2 years I worked for them, instead of the accountant who I had paid to do so, who has an office in the Prime terminal.

Long story short, I just found out that I owe 76,000 to the IRS, and yet, the entire time I worked for Prime I was living paycheck to paycheck...barely. If I hadn't opted out of renting an apartment I wouldn't have been able to eat.

Now watch, in a few days or so an "employee or leaser with prime" will respond to this saying that they make all kinds of money and that I and your husband and everyone else who posts afterward with more truth about this horrible company are wrong and they'll offer to show a settlement to prove it.

It should be (but isn't) well known that companies who offer "safe self-employment" such as Prime or Bankers Insurance group (as another example of this type of scheme in a different field [telemarketing sales]) pay people to search the web for any negative press and to blog standardised arguments against the facts of those burned by such companies.

Keep an eye out for those, and I don't recommend believing them.

Thyris said...


...instead of the accountant who I had paid to do so, who has an office in the Prime terminal, the company submitted my numbers to the IRS claiming I had made 96,000 one year, and 52,000 the next. What they didn't submit was how much any of the running costs were or any other information, just the "earnings" or as dispatch liked to call it "money paid to the truck".

Thyris said...

sorry for triple posting >.> that was supposed to say:


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Keith Birmingham said...

Passage of time and selective memory does not serve to give the best of facts. But, to my knowledge, when I started driving in 1974 there was a company out of Ft.Scott, Kansas that was one of the original lease/purchase operations. A dollar down and your in your own business. To cut this note short, this company was racking up lawsuits faster than they could hire drivers when the shut down due to government investigations. And, these are the people that moved to Springfield, Missouri to conduct the same kind of business under a new name.