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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Correctional Medical Services

Correctional Medical Services

Mental Health and Medical personnel beware! If ever there was an outright nasty employer in Albuquerque, it's Correctional Medical Services. They are a contract mental health/medical provider to other agencies (jail/prison-related).

They supposedly provide mental health services to the inmates at Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, but what they really do is number crunch, and provide the least amount of services possible to make a buck. I feel sorry for MDC. I doubt they had any idea who they employed to work for them.

It is a shame of the loopholes they have found to deny services.

They newest one was: if it is not determined that the inmate had an Axis I diagnosis prior to substance abuse, they will not continue any psych medications the person may need or have been on; it's cheaper that way.

They other is: denying inmates discharge services to certain supports in the community because the people who work in those facilities are "disloyal" past employees. Imagine if your loved one had to stay in jail longer because the mental health system at the jail did not want to refer to other services in the community!

Any practitioner with any ounce of ethics needs to stay away from CMS.

If you don't crunch stats the way they want you to or deny services to someone you know darn well needs them, they will harass, micromanage and push you out in any way possible. They push until you quit. I'll admit, I worked there...and no, I'm not writing simply as a disgruntled employee.

I have watched employees there come and go, quickly. They overwork you: they do not give employees holidays off, and you can be called in at anytime. If you do not click your heels, they will make sure you don't stay.

I have heard many times when I was there that "everyone's replaceable": That was from the top (Health Services Administrator). The other famous quote was from the Regional Manager, who reported that he is the type of man "who would shake a woman's hand and steal her baby's lollipop." So before you think of working for them...ask them about their turn-over rate; then you be the judge. I really want to save you from making a big mistake that will haunt you...working for CMS, the devil incarnate.

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. This is a true story in Indiana also. Cruel treatment of inmates and employees.

Anonymous said...

I worked at MCF in Indiana & can vouch that everything stated here is true. Not only is the health care shabby, the supplies allowable for the medical staff is outdated and VERY limited, often staff even go without. This is to save money as well. Understaffed and overworked is an understatement. The health care administrator is nothing short of a joke to the other departments at the facility as well as other facilities. She is the epitomy of incompetence, but complaints to corporate get no response.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! CMS has the worst insurance and annual training. What company gives you a 4inch thick packet of info and test with the answers. There is not continuing education or employee benefits. The administrater is vugar and cold hearted.

Anonymous said...

Same story in Maryland - if you ride a motorcycle you can be CMS mgmt - with HS diploma only, you can directly supervise those with degrees. And AA degrees are supervising BAs and MAs!