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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Keffer Hyundai

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I purchased a 2000 z3 BMW from Keffer Hyundai which should of been in our possesion on January 15th of 2009. However, the cluster was unfortunately not working and we were told that they were going to fix it for us and that we should have the car back in the near future around a couple of days. Days have now turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months and the car is no where to be found. I even got charged for mecklenburg tax on a car that we supposedly had in 2008 (way to go on the paper work) We have called every week since Scott Cramblitt and Niles Bunting have failed to keep up on the status of the vehicle nor call us back. The car is a lemon but it is no where to be found I asked to come pick up the plates from them and was told that the car was not with them even thought my husband was told that the car was there and they were going to have it back on last Tuesday. ALL I CAN TELL ANYONE IS THAT DON'T BUY FROM KEFFER

Jack Stratton said...

My wife and I just filed a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars against Keffer Hyundai, Dwayne Moser, and Tom Mills.

We would like to hear from others who have had problems with Keffer.

Call Jack and Kathy Stratton at 980-621-9450 or email us at

Courtney-Keffer Auto Management said...

We are sorry to hear that you had a terrible experience with Keffer. If you need anything please call Dewayne Moser the General Manager directly, 704-714-4700

Jack Stratton said...

Dear Courtney,

This is Jack Stratton. I own the website

My wife currently has a rapidly moving lawsuit in the N.C. courts against Dwayne Moser, Keffer Hyundai, and James Keffer. (See my previous posting above).

Your boss James Keffer should be aware that he could have quickly and easily settled my wife's current lawsuit, but he chose instead to pay his lawyer (apparently large sums of money) to dig an even deeper hole for Keffer.

Now James Keffer is going to be sued again, this time in FEDERAL COURT.

My wife and I are both filing multi-million dollar federal lawsuits AGAINST JAMES KEFFER AND HIS LAWYER.

Keffer may want to hire a different lawyer for his upcoming federal cases. My wife Kathy (a pro se housewife with no legal experience) has already beaten and publicly humiliated James Keffer's current lawyer in state court.

I am personally "chomping at the bit" to get James Keffer and his lawyer in federal court.

Regardless of what James Keffer's lawyer may tell him, KEFFER WILL LOSE IN FEDERAL COURT.

Our federal lawsuits are going to SHOCK Keffer and his lawyer, and hopefully the entire community.

Furthermore, I have aquired the following two domain names to directly and publicly deal with James Keffer's lawyer:


The above-referenced sites are under construction, as is our ALL NEW UPDATED site to be unveiled soon (documenting all the additional evidence we have gathered since my wife's current state lawsuit was filed).

While James Keffer's lawyer has been busy collecting Keffer's money, I have been busy collecting evidence.

Other Keffer victims out there, please contact me with your documented evidence against Keffer dealerships, owners, managers, employees, and lawyers.

Jack Stratton

Jack Stratton said...

Thanks to all the people who are contacting us with your evidence of Keffer corrption.

Our expectations thus far have been exceeded.

James Keffer has foolishly placed the Keffer Car Dealership Empire and possibly his own freedom in the hands of a lawyer that just lost in court to a housewife with no legal experience! How dumb does that make James Keffer?

Meanwhile, Keffer's lawyer now appears to be acting out of complete desperation as he helplessly watches the Keffer Empire begin to crumble.

Those who have not yet contacted us, please get your Keffer documentation together and contact us immediately at: