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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Money And Shopping

Money And Shopping - Angela B. Smith My letter is exactly the same as the letter received by 'Mad in Texas' only the amount of the check is $4,958.80. New City New York

Money And Shopping
Fax: 800-809-3045
216 Congers Rd E
New City, New York, 10956 U.S.A.

I am wondering if this is really to good to be true? Last night, I was opening my mail, and I found a check along with a letter stating that I have been selected to participate in a paid Consumer Research program in my area.

After the training assignment my salary will be increased to $500 per week for the first three months probation and $600 per week there-after. The training assignment and first evaluation is to take place at a MONEYGRAM, where I am to pose as a customer sending money to a relative of mine, SUSAN (My Last Name) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After sending $4,558.80, I am to complete the market response form and fax it. The second evaluation I may choose from 8 different large chain stores where I am to spend $100, and fax in the form. The remaining $300 is for me to keep.

It says to deposit the check with my bank, wait 24 to 48 hours for the check to clear, once cleared, proceed with the assignment. On the bottom of the letter it said not valid after the 24th. I received the letter on the 26th of January. It was dated for the 12th. At first, I got really excited, and I used an ATM to deposit the check last night. Now I am attempting to research this and I am coming up with conflicting results.

To me this does sound to good to be true. Why in the world would they trust some stranger with $5000? Will this check bounce? Is this for real or not? What should I do now?

Is this to good to be true? in Kansas
Wichita, Kansas


Anonymous said...

DON'T DO IT!!!!! This is a SCAM!! I received several checks like that in the mail...all BIG amounts. Our local newspaper featured a story about a local couple that received a large check and was also told to deposit it into their checking account. The story said that at first the couple was very excited and was already making plans on what to spend their earned money on. After a few days, the husband said that reality set in and thought he had better check this out with their bank. When the couple presented the check to the bank and ask if this was legitimate, the bank told them NO!!'This is a SCAM. The bank told them that after you deposit that check, then the check will either bounce or the company will stop payment on it and then YOU will have the funds taken out or your account! PLEASE BE WARE OF THESE SCAMS!

Anonymous said...

Sean Ebner and Tim Thompson of Technisource/Spherion are the worst managers of all time. They do not care about their employees or their customers. Please do not do business with them. Trust me you will be sorry.

Webmaster said...


Anonymous said...

Wan't suprised about your comment on Tim Thompson of Technisource. He is known as a joke in San Diego. He couldn't run an office ethically if he wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Location: Raliegh, North Carolina

I worked for this company just over 2 years. This is one of the horrible companies to work for. They simply do not know how to treat their employees and do not focus on employee wellness.

Before you plan on working for this terrible company, just ask about their turnover rate and it will be more than 30% with their CRA staff. So be aware before you consider working for them.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I started working at Serv-U Success back in August 2007 as a merchandiser. I was sent to work at the Meijer location in Southgate MI. Five mornings a week I would break down the backstock with someone I considered to be a sales representative from HELL! Her name is Tammy Kanaby and every morning I worked with her she was constantly dogging me and giving me quite a hard time because she felt I was not doing my job by not working up to par, referring to me as quite the unprofessional worker; funny, I guess that's why she had me working with her for well over a year. The only reason I put up with her BULLXXXX was because times were hard and I needed that job. I am just so surprised I did not crack under pressure working with that BIMBO! One time she even had the nerve to call me a liar right to my face of which I was very offended by. Another time she was giving me more of her daily BULLXXXX; this time I decided to stand up to her and as a result I got myself into trouble. within two days, she conspired with the area supervisor Matt Perkins to have me written up; one of them being lack of production speed of which was not at all true. When they gave me the write up, I told them straight out I was not going to sign my name to it. I went home that afternoon so frustrated, I almost up and quit; but then a friend persuaded me not to. There was so much favoritism going on between those two it made me want to PUKE! I became the odd man out every time as a result. Then she got her friend Elizabeth, who I was told is a neighbor on her street where she lives, a merchandising job at that same store and I had noticed she let her take lunch breaks as long as she wanted to take them with her when all the while I was only entitledfifteen minute breaks per shift; talk about FAVORITISM! Matt Perkins would come in and he and Tammy would laugh and joke in the aisle and cafeteria without a care in the world, sometimes bringing Elizabeth with them and then afterwards, heading towards the smoking breakroom for another twenty-five minutes; all the while I am working my tail off trying to get work done. Not too long before all that, I made a phone call to Matt Perkins to make a complaint to him about the way Tammy was treating me every day; evidently, it all went in one ear and out the other with him! So again I was the odd man out. Then there was the time where he and Tammy had me put up between thirty and thirty-five cases of product, timing me to see how fast I could put it all up. All the while I was doing that every day, the beef jerky that was stocked at the checkout lanes was all going bad, so they threw it out and blamed me for letting it all go bad. you tell me, how can they expect me to keep an eye on all that beef jerky when they had me concentrate on nothing but the cases they were timing me to put up? There were times when I worked by myself on Saturdays and it would get so busy that I needed a second person to help me out, but that never ever happened and again I would get blamed for lack of productivity. To put a long story short, I did not like working for this company, I most certainly did not like work withammy Kanaby at all, and therefore, I cannot really say much for this company and its management if they have to have someone like her on their payroll. They are lying, deceitful people who do not even deserve to be in the workforce!