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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dollar General

Dollar General terminated for money lost bad reg Wapakoneta Ohio

Dollar General
16 Augalize St
Wapakoneta, Ohio, 45895

I've worked for dollar general 4 years as the 3th key. I did every thing the assistant could do and more she can't read so every one who worked with her had to do her job for her.

The DM knew this and it was OK i guess by him but the catch is she can't do math so how does she count money?

If u have worked for dollar general you know we are not to have a calculator or phonebooks up front by the registers.So i work Thursday from 12-9:30 with a key holder in charge i was on register all day at the end of the night we go back and count down she starts to make the deposit i go up and run the reports for us her paperworks said shes 41 dollars short and mine said 122dallors short and yes she ran on my draw i asked her to count the money again she said f*** it we don't have time so the next day i was sick and did not work went to work on Monday the manger said she needed to talk to me i went back and counted my draw everything was good .13cents over she came back and asked me what happen and i told her she said i have to call the DM i said OK and he will want to talk to u and i said that's fine by me so then he we are on Tuesday i come in she said clock in and go to the back we went in the offices the DM said i have to let u go no one ever talk to me about here I'm 4years i loved that place the ppl friends old and new if you needed help all you had to do was say my name i was right there if you was older and couldn't get in and out i would do your shopping for i really took time out to care about my customers unlike the assistant who was a bitch she made there bags heavy just to watch them try to get out the door

Wapakoneta, Ohio U.S.A.


Anonymous said...

corporate people are all afake, keep the faith natacha!

Anonymous said...

i hear ya... read mine:
Willoughby Printing
37946 Elm St.
Willoughby, OH 44094

The owner at this printing company is the worst I have ever worked for. He is a cheap owner. He also has no compassion for people. With me he hired me in @16 an hour in 2010, I been there a year and about to leave soon. But I am only human and let me tell the story.

After the first week of working there things went from nice to mean. He started demeaning me and it continued as the months went by. In Nov 2010 I made 1 little mistake, I worked on thanksgiving and the day after without pay to make up for my mistake. I get my check a week later and they still docked me 15 hours for that week, even though I worked allot of time for free. Since Nov. my life at this job has been a living hell. This employer even went as far as cutting on my parents and insinuating I do drugs and I don't. He the owner and his wife are both the most arrogant people I ever met. I can say yes he is successful but he treats his employee's like garbage. They also don't pay for overtime either just straight time. With me I was cruising along and putting up with all his games and then all of a sudden he said he had to cut hours, cut my pay because he feels I am not as good as he thought I was. All this over 1 mess up and even though I apologized several times over and over. He and his wife are both the meanest employers I ever worked for. I think this is why they have a high turn over of employees, they treat everyone like crap I think the world should know how bad of employers they are. Stay away from them Willoughby Printing is the worst Employer I ever worked for, so bad I would cry almost everyday when I left there.