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Monday, January 5, 2009


USIS - DAC SERVICES - Charged and Covicted only by USIS aka DAC Services for THEFT ! ! No convictions on my record ! ! ! Tulsa, Oklahoma

4500 S 129th East Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74134

I was terminated by the company I worked for and they would not tell me why for over a week.

Once I found out they fired me for previous convictions of theft, I could not believe my own ears.

I was never charged with nor convicted of any charges of theft. I used the information on the DAC report to go to the County that showed to have reported this information.
This county shows no arrests, nor does it show any convictions for theft? I paid the County Clerk to give me Certified copies of these records. Also pulled my own report from the Texas Department of Public Safety for only $7.00, all this info will be forwarded.

Took all the info and mailed it to USIS or DAC Services (Consumer Dispute Department) - Sent it by Certified mail # 7008 1830 0001 9997 6125. The return recipe was not signed but stamped: 'A-MAIL LARRY BRAND', sent to USIS - Consumer Dispute Department, PO BOX 33181, TULSA, OK 74153.

USIS wrote me to tell me the information was removed and or deleted from my record. Wow that's great... As I thought it was. I had about 15 applications I was done filling out. So now I sent them all out.

One of the companies pulled my record and tells me they can not hire me because I lied on the application, i asked what about and they said I had been convicted of 3 theft charges? USIS just wrote to me and said it was off, deleted, removed?? What the hell is going on here!?!?

I made a call to the USIS and the operator took my info and said a Consumer Reporting agent would call me back.

The Agent called me back and asked what the problem was. I told her and then she went on to tell me it was removed and that the info was corrected. I then asked her if it was, could you run the report and tell me whats is on there then?

She agreed to this, 1 min later she says hummm...
I said what?

She tells me its still there..
Whats still there?

The theft charges..

So what went wrong, I am being denied employment because of your company and its mishandling of the information of the system. She told me she would try and call me back at a later date.

I only found out about these charges being on my record December 2008, but they have been on there since 2003 from what they had told me!!
(I guess this is why job hunting has been so hard!!)

Any lawyers want to do a Pro-Bono against this USIS / DAC services company? I have been un-employed because of these people since November 25th 2008.

I have been denied employment, and the company I was working for reported it to DAC as a Firing. They told me I lied to them about my record, this is a violation of company policy. This is what was put on my record, 'Fired for Company Policy Reasons'.

Fort Worth, Texas

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USIS said...

USIS is the overseas name for the no longer existing United States Information Agency. The USIS is a name that was sometimes used in the past, both officially and non-officially, to refer to at the very least one of the many United States federal agencies of the executive branch which has implemented United States Immigration Law.