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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costume World

Costume World
950 South Federal Highway
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
(800) 423-7496

I'm sharing this because nobody deserves to experience and feel like I felt while working in this place after leaving a good and stable job and a great boss, only to run after a supposedly "great opportunity to make more money".

The owner of this company Marylin Wick is a real crazy and evil woman; she is a workaholic that expect you to follow her addiction, she will hunted you when is time to go home and expect you to give her a report almost every day, so instead of felling relief and happy to get off you feel stress and scare every day, she will ask you to work on your own but that's only a lie because you'll feel her, breathing on your neck because she likes to micro-manage. She will offer you whatever only to get you inside her private hell and then depending on her mode she'll cut you hours or convert you from salary to hourly so she can play with your time and money whatever way she wants. She suffers of severe change of modes and will scream and treat you like a slave without any respect, she will make you look and treat you like the biggest idiot, not body is never good enough for her, she'll tell you an every body you're very competent at the beginning, but soon you'll be nothing else but an incompetent idiot.
She's unable to concentrate for long time in something and will just walk away in the middle of a meeting or discussion to do something else, so you never get what you need from her to do your job and since you can't do anything out of her micro-manage system, you can't really do your job.
She will also start requesting you to do stuff that doesn't have anything to do with what you where hired for, because she's unable to define the different jobs in her own company, she doesn't even know who she needs and what for.

She is an evil evil woman, do not believe her initial friendly talk, you'll be soon be treated without any respect. People who still working for her for years (very few) only because they don't have any other place to go, will tell you that you need a thick skin to work there, but there's a big difference between a thick skin and having to give up your self-steam to let somebody treat you like shit!.

I know there's many many people that experience the Costume Hell, so I invite them to share.



Anonymous said...

In response to Larson Tax and Financial:

It sounds as though Barbara suffers from bipolar disorder. A terrible disorder, if ever there was one. I worked for a motel manager who suffered such. She was as every bit as horrible in her behavior as your Barbara. Best thing to do there would be to get as much experience under your belt as possible, keep a journal of everything that goes on while employed at the business, and keep your resume sharpened! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

In response to Costume World:

The blog printed my repsonse to Larson Tax and Financial in Colorado, but all really needs to do is to take "Barbara" and substitute Marylin Wicks' name instead. People with bipolar disorder should REALLY NOT be in charge of the lives or careers of others!