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Friday, November 19, 2010

Integrated Concepts Hartford CT

151 New Park Ave
United States of America
Phone:  860-231-6260

If your reading this you most likely stumbled on an ad or received a phone call from Jennifer at Integrated Concepts in Hartford and got the feeling like you weren't quite sure about what they did but were invited back for a second or maybe even a first interview. Did you go on the website? And still weren't quite sure about what they did but thought hey its a chance for a job. Did some research and came across this. If your reading this its because your one of the brighter ones unlike myself who actually went in and wasted my time.  Well I'm about to sum it up for you in a nutshell.

In the ad on careerbuilder and on their website everything sounded pretty good. That they do consulting for an array of Fortune 500 clients, growth from with-in, management training program. All the things you want to hear but what exactly do they do over there at Integrated Marketing Concepts. That was the thing I had no clue about until the second round interview about to hop in a car with a complete stranger. They are a third party marketer who goes door to door selling electricity for Direct Energy; which if you google isnt a reputable Fortune 500 client anyway.  If you were invited back for a second round interview it will consist of a day out of the office on the field where you will not be paid and watch what the job is all about. Basically you'll be going door-to-door around the state of CT trying to sell electricity, 100% commission, and Cold Calling. 

Now if your the type of person who will settle for any job you'll definitely get it because they hire just about anyone.  I definitely didn't go to college for four years to work doing that. But heres where Integrated Concepts tries to lure you. They make it seem as if thats not what your doing the opportunity is to run an office and make it into management. I asked the person who took me out on a second round interview how long they have been working there and they said to me that they were the ones interviewing me limit personal questions. They couldnt give me set hours. I was offered the postion and didnt take it. I continued my job search and found a better opportunity. 

If it smells like a fish looks like a fish chances are its a fish . Dont swim in the water with sharks. It just seemed so weird to me so I did my research and found out all this information. A lot more than I can handle and thought if there was all this information written on the internet about this company than how can they still be in business, so I realized that I didnt do any research until after. Which is the case with most people. So awareness of the internet is key. So I wrote this to make sure that the same thing doesnt happen to you and you dont waste your time with this.    

Truth is Integrated concepts is a pyramid multi level marketing scheme dressed up in a suit, they call it white collar crime. 

The sad part is the its completely legal because of it parent company cydcor, and ds max, They prey on motivated individuals who are looking to be successful, Dont be fooled into joining this cult. Everything they do is only to get you to stay longer nobody really cares about you. They all seem nice. Its all about making money off of you and your sales. I just hope that I could reach some of the smarter individuals into making the right decision. 

I guess they have to lie to you on the phone otherwise they would never be able to bring anyone in who would honestly work, 100 % commission going door to door.


Anonymous said...

THis is 100%. I worked for them briefly and they wanted me to drink the kool-aid but I wouldn't and quit. They never did pay me my last paycheck either. They act like a bunch of professional business men but all they all are sharks feeding on the week minded and less fortunate people. They are now using the name Pinnacle Marketing and are in the same location. Stay away!!

Anonymous said...

PINNACLE MARKETING is Integrated Concepts new name..BEWARE!!