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Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Energy Rip Off, Scam

Just Energy

900 Oakmont Ln
Westmont Illinois 60559
United States of America
Phone:  630321937

I got an e-mail from a recruiter (Greg Runyard) saying he reviewed my Resume and wanted to schedule an interview. On Careerbuilder I applied for the position of Customer Relations Representative. When I went in for the interview I was put in a room with at least 8 other people. We were made to wait for at least 15 minutes while the head interviewer Mr. Nicholson was on a call. He came in and gave us the usual bit about the company's wealth and made the job and position seem very attractive.

Fast forward to my first day of training. During the interview I was told that I'd be contacting potential customers and informing them of ways to stabilize their energy bill every month. I found out the position is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT commission. This means that if you come in and work 8 hours and make no sales then you make no money. On top of that, the position calls for door to door. The ad on careerbuilder makes no mention of any sort. They are misleading potential employees and wasting people's time. We were required to memorize a script and "appear" to be someone the potential customers could trust. We were to be wearing uniforms and hold clipboards resembling those that Comcast, Nicor, AT&T and other companies do when being called out to a property. 

Moreover, they do not have you fill out any tax forms. This means that when tax season rolls around you will have to pay out of pocket for what didn't come out of your check. There is no direct deposit, you have to come and pick up your check personally. 

Bottom line these people are time wasters. I won't even get into the scams that they have run. Just google "just energy scam" or go to the better business bureau's website and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I just came from an interview with Just Energy and let me tell you the atmosphere was very unprofessional. As I'm waiting along with 15 other people for the interviewer to come in we were subjected to radio music from a local station which I thought was odd. Another girl was there who had previously been through this charade before told me she was signing up for a telemarketing position since the last time she applied to the company all they had was door to door reps. I told her that on the phone I was scheduled to interview for a supervisor/team lead position.

Any ways after the interviewer shows up he goes on to talk about the company's history and make up. After about ten minutes into his speech I notice the girl walking out as if she had gotten an important phone call. I knew right then that she had bolted because it was the same thing all over again and she knew the outcome. I stayed ten more minutes and after the interviewer who by the way was the regional manager stated that his last job was a grocery bagger at some Florida supermarket, I knew right then and there this was not the job situation that I was made to believe over the phone. I "Just Left" right then and there. Good luck to the rest of the poor souls who stayed. Fortunate for me AT&T offered me job later that day.

Anonymous said...

I am living proof of Just Energy being one of the worst scams to work for.

I worked for the company for weeks. It's true that you are expected to put in very long hours and if you don’t get any deals for the many long hours of knocking door to door. You get absolutely no compensation. I have spent way more money in gas alone and was not even compensated at all. Not to mention I had nothing to fall back on.

To anyone that's thinking about working for Just Energy. I say please don’t waste your time. Scam! Scam! Scam!

Anonymous said...

I am more living proof. I actually worked there for a few weeks though. I did make some decent money in those weeks, but the company does lie way too much. In training we are told that we will receive a $500 training bonus just for being there in training. A few days later they say, "well actually you get that $500 after you get your 1st 20 customers." Now 30+ customers later, & numerous calls to the company......still no check!!!!
Don't believe ANYTHING they tell you. There is usually a catch to it.
As someone who did work there for a little bit, I do believe that the energy business IS the right industry to be in right now. There are lots of opportunities to make a whole lot of money, but make sure you research the company & get with a much more reputable company than Just Energy. They really suck!!!
They make tons of excuses as to why all of your money isn't there when the checks come in (if they come in). If U want results rather than excuses, stay away from Just Energy!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a representative for 6 years with the company, I can say it's an awesome company to work for. First year I earned just under $55k, last 5 have been $100k+ each year.

1) Work slightly longer hours.
2) Tough to begin (no base pay + no sales experience/product knowledge = a lot of rejection).
3) No health benefits ?

1) Great product which is simple enough to learn within a week or two.
2) You are self employed with no overhead or upfront costs.
3) Free on-going training.
4) Flexible schedules.
5) No ceiling on commissions.
6) Advancement opportunities (growing and expanding quickly)
7) Residual pay kicks in after 1 year.
8) Incentive vacations (I've been on 11) + prizes + awards = fun and motivational!

My first 3 weeks in energy marketing were the toughest ever. After that, I started to get more comfortable with the whole process and things got much easier.
Like other jobs, it's not for everyone - it is mentally hard when you start. It has grown my confidence and ability to communicate with others.

Sales takes a lot of perseverence to be a success. If you take this job, here are some tools you will need in your toolbag to build a money making business:
a) knowledge of the energy market
b) the sales presentation structure
c) the responses to common questions

Hope that helps and good luck on the job hunt :)

For more info on this job, you can check out the recruiting site they have:

rudystar1964 said...

The beginning of my story is pretty much like all the rest of the comments! The main scam Just Energy did to me was when I made 25 contracts one week, then 20 contracts on the other week, they decided to fire me for a mistake my crew coordinator did on one of my previous weeks, so they wouldn't have to pay me $5000! Also, a previous coordinator of mine, just recently quit because Just Energy owed her $10,000, which they refused to pay! This happened in Laredo, Texas during 2010 and 2011. However, what goes around comes around, and now all this fraud and more is haunting them, but they refuse to stop! FOUR THUMBS DOWN FOR JUST ENERGY!

Anonymous said...

They are a rip off scam company Mrs. Mcdonalds shame on you for having rip off so many people in your life and having low lifes working for you that degrade and insult and waist peoples time and energy .

Anonymous said...

The scam continues with Just Energy, so feel free to post your personal story, here! ;)

Silv said...

Got called for an interview. Guess I shouldn't go.

Anonymous said...

I have an interview at 1pm Cincinnati location. I seen add in the paper, it said avg $20hr. She said they supply everything because I asked if I will be driving my car, she said no they take care of everything based off the position I qualify for. I was to meet Chaz, the manageryrecruiter maybe? But I called them after seeing # in paper. She mentioned I'll receive a week $500 for training, and any questions save for interview. She said bring resume (duh..of course) and she made sure to mention "DO NOT BE LATE!", don't know when can re-schedule interview. I go? My wife recieves unemployment. I'm unemployed currently, have a background in sales, and I'm 34 with no kids. But struggling and I really am ready for a career. Have my Class A CDL's but truck driving isn't good right now. I love people and helping them, and I'm a God fearing man so don't want him mad. Heeeellllppp!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have an interview at 1pm! What do I do?! I heard good and bad.

Anonymous said...

No! Don't go! Find a good electricity company!

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried to sleep as much as I could because this sounds to good to be true, and I was reading feedback from both sides. There are more people saying no that I don't even know or do they know me. And, my family and my wife are saying no don't go and I don't even have a job. They don't want me getting screwed over. It's very tempting though! But, too good to be true and there has to be a catch. The bosses are probably in the other room laughing. I like the idea of finding a good electricity company for real. And, is your interview at 1pm at cincinnati??? With Chaz? I was applying as a Registration Agent.
But, no I am not going becuase I have done my research and plenty of it! But nobody plays with my money!!! And I feel that they will and give me a bunch of broken promises. So good luck to those who venture into the Abyss of Just Energy. Who knows, maybe one day I will be there, but I really doubt it. Im trying to go somewhere in life.

Anonymous said...

Dam my dude man in alllllll HONESTLY I live in cincinnati an I've met chaz the group the whole 9. Sat fa interview an got th job only had one day on feild an its a wasist a time man I didn't jus give up even tho I heard bad shit I wanted ta see fa my self so PERSONALLY its na fa me ya got ta pay fa 40 shirt that they say HASta come out ya check BEFORE ya even make any money they tryna take shit out. Ya don fill out w2 cause ya "independent" contract butthey take ya ss card an ya don even fill out i9. They get paid of ya I'm jus na fa it I could go on an on on wi. But I hope that helps ya out

Anonymous said...

I am on my way for an interview there today...for a leadership position. I am so glad that I read all your posts, now I can go with a different attitude...will post more after the interview..

Anonymous said...

YUP! it is a total SCAM!!!

Anonymous said...

I work for just energy in pa and I love I, I've been doing it for about 2 months and have made a lot of money doing it. Yes its really hard to do mentally and I guess in some cases physically but the pros way out weigh the cons. Don't just listen to other people.

Anonymous said...

I was called recently for a interview and was told that I would be in a call center. Kara whom is the person that I spoke with told me that the only had 5 positions left and to my surprise, they hire everyone that was there that day, which was around 30 people. I was told I would get $500 for two days of training. I know it sound to good to be true but when you aren't making much money, you are praying that it's ok. Anyway, I show up for the training and they had the most unprofessional people there that I had ever seen. To my surprise it was door to door. OMG! are you serious? I left a low paying job but at least it was steady income. It's a shame that a company can scam people by lying to them and effect their livelihood. Shame on them. Unless you have no other choice, please don't waste your time. So now I'm looking for employment again after quitting my job. Lord help me!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so MAD right now. I just came from an interview in Houston and the the lady who was doing the interview had on a short mini skirt. She had us to sit in a room with maybe 30 other people. The music was on something talking about making love. I thought that was very weird. So my name is called for my interview. I get in that room thinking I am trying to get a job as a customer service rep. Whatever, this lady goes to tell me that i would be good in their sales department. Who does that? so im thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts now. She ask me well what position would you prefer ? I say well customer service is what i came for. this lady with no hesitation stuck her hand out and said ok I will call you Tuesday.I felt that was a lie. So I said well I'm interested in sale aswell. Why did this girl with no hesitation give me a congradulations you have been selected for our training program. I knew something was fishy about that > Then she tells me that I will recieve $500 when I complete both days of traing. Reading all of the previous post I know without a shout of a doubt that this is a scam and it was a waist of my time. And NO I will not be attending this that training class.

ashley said...

I agree, very misleading job postings and interviews.. You don't learn until your first day that you're actually going door to door all day without being paid. Slave Labour.. Stay clear!