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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cavallo Creek Farm

Cavallo Creek Farm
Denise Frisco
13764 Park Ave.
The Woodlands, TX 77384

After seeing an ad on craigslist for kennel help, I emailed to apply.  I was hired the next day.  My responsibility was to take care of Rhodesian Ridge back puppies and their mothers and a dozen adult dogs running around the property for Denise Frisco. 

Denise is a well traveled horse and dog breeder.  Look her up.  She gave me a paperwork of my responsibilities and pay.  It stated, in a nutshell, that I was to be paid $100 per week for eight weeks and $1000 bonus and the end of the eight weeks per litter if none of the puppies died. 

Well, my first day, nine puppies were born.  I spent the entire day, actually sixteen hours straight, helping Vasi with her litter in a cramped shed infested with flies and mosquitos.  There were dogs everywhere that had been fighting and had open wounds surrounding the area where I was working. 

Only being trained for about an hour, I felt that she should've helped more.  After I left to go home, I called her to ask about the puppies.  I asked her if any of the puppies die while I'm not there, do I get penalized on my bonus.  She insured me that I wouldn't.  Well, that night one puppy died in her care.  The next day, another puppy died while in her care.   She insured meagain that it would not affect my bonus.

She often went out of town and it was my job to take care of the dogs.  She not only had Vasi bearing pups, but Sami and two more females were pregnant.  She was cranking out litter after litter.  She told me that she has been doing this for eight years and puppies die all the time.  I began to wonder about my pay, and her judgement with the welfare of her dogs.  But it was her children that were taking the brunt of it all.  They were truly in her way of success.

Often when she went out of town, she would not pay me and made no effort to try.  I bank with Wells Fargo, Chase, and I have Pay Pal  She not only made no effort, she had no apologies. 

Denise is a very angry woman who cussed often right in front of her two little boys.  Those poor kids were in her way and she totally neglected them on so many levels leaving her two month old infant crying for hours telling me that he's fine.  I offered to stay late if she would just pick him up and comfort him or feed him, but she told me to just keep working.  We were removing dew claws, vaccinating/worming, and micro chipping. 

I did report her to CPS, by the way.  It was easy finding witnesses to back up my story because she was so neglectful in so many situations way before I was hired.

About six weeks into the first two litters, I asked her about the bonus.  She said that I will not get a bonus because two dogs died!  I reminded her that that was not our agreement.  She said that if she does not make money, I do not get a bonus!  She said we are in this 'collectively'.  I quit right then.

She had no intentions of ever paying me a bonus.  The day I quit, and every day I worked for her, she could not tell me enough how much she appreciated what I did and that I was a breath of fresh air compared to her other employees.  I even have a several voice mails saying what a great job I've done.

Denise Frisco was paying me under the table.  She is a schmuck!  I did everything she asked and WAY more.  I can only imagine what excuses she will come up with to cover her butt.  She is a HUGE liar, a horrible mother, and is committing tax fraud.  Luckily, I am able to report her to CPS, BBB, IRS, and here!  I have everything I need to back up every word of my story, and paperwork and witnesses to prove whatever she may try to deny.  Justice will be served to Denise!


Anonymous said...

How can I contact you?

Anonymous said...

I have also been off and on employeed by Cavallo Creek for 3 years. I've spent countless hours with Denise and her children. I have puppy sat for periods of time and have been there for births as well. All animals and children are well cared, fat, and happy. Puppies do die. Not every litter will have a 100% survival. It's the way of life. This individual posting this has criminal evidence against her for trying to extort money from Cavallo Creek. A restraining order had to be filed against the person who created this post. She no longer is employed because Cavallo Creek could not jeopardize their farm, animals, or humans against this bipolar individual who slammed a puppies tail in the door.

Anonymous said...

I am Denise Frisco. It has come to my attention that this irreverent article was written by a deceitful person. This was written and posted on the internet as an attempt to extort money from me. The only true facts in this article are 1, Stephanie Martinez replied to an ad that I had posted on Craigslist for “domestic help” of which I accepted; and 2, Yes, we did have casualties and lost two puppies while she was in training to be an assistant helper on our farm. Unfortunately, in whelping large and even small dogs, puppies can pass on. This is a proven statistic that can be verified.
The rest of this delusional synopsis of her bi-polar attempt of defaming my character is an unfortunate attempt to extort money from me. The true facts are as such:
Stephanie Martinez was to be paid $100 a week for 8 weeks, of which, she did not work the first week, then approximately 7 hours a week for the next 6 weeks and maybe 3 hours the last week. That equates to be approximately $18 per hour. I even gave her a printed breakdown of pay. Since it was only $800, I informed her that I would not need to 1099 her, but would need her SS# if all the puppies survived, at which point I would give her a $1000 bonus, a $500 bonus if 1 died and $250 if we lost 2. I thought this was very generous considering the small amount of time required. Unfortunately, that was not enough for her. She began to observe the kind of cars that drove into the riding school, researching how much our horses were worth, how much puppies sold for and started trying to count the farm’s money. She became a jealous deceitful person and made me uncomfortable to be around. Every time I would see her, she begged me to forgive her for not catching on very quickly. She repeatedly thanked me for giving her a change and thanked me for not discriminating against her for her age, weigh and perceived race. (She informed me that she was really Japanese that married a Mexican, but she is passed over for jobs because of her name.) It wasn’t her age, race or weight that bothered me, it was that I had to repeat myself over and over and was becoming very frustrated with her. I love the way she spun this as being frustrated with my kids. She had only seen me once for about 30 minutes with my colicky infant. Because he was crying I suppose this makes me a terrible mother. I am a Christian, good honest hard working person. Sure an occasion “crap” may come out of my mouth, but I am by no means a trashy potty mouth that she portrays me to be. Oh, and that so called “shed with flys” as she calls it, is an 8’x8’ air conditioned office building that she could not fit in because she was too large to bend over without opening the door and letting barn flies in. The litter she assisted with was the first litter not born in my house. This was because I DID NOT want her in my house. I had her and my puppies on office video surveillance to make sure she was following direction. (Contrary to her timeline, she was there assisting with whelping from 8:52-2:40pm with an hour lunch break with her husband).

Anonymous said...

Continued.... For the next few weeks, she asked the same questions over and over again. I tried not to be around her, but felt I needed to give her something to do. Although she drove me crazy, I was trying to be a good person and fulfill my promise to keep her for the entire litter progression.
Then when the pups were 4 weeks old, (she had worked a total of about 8 days over 3 weeks and had already collected over $400) I told her that although she slammed a pups’ tail in the door and broke it, I would still give her a $250 bonus because 2 pups didn’t make it. This is when she went bi-polar berserk! She told me that if I did not pay her $1,000 plus the rest of her pay ($400) for the additional 4 weeks that she did not intend to work, she would call CPS, the labor board, the BBB, the county health department and the IRS.
In the limited time I was around her, I felt she was mentally unstable. This is one reason I went out of my way to attempt to tolerate her and fulfill my obligation. Once this outburst occurred, I was forced to call the Sheriff and file a complaint and notice of trespass. I maintained barn surveillance of the property because I feared she would return and retaliate. To confirm my concern, in the first week she was here, she had casually asked if I had ever had any puppies stolen. At the time, I thought that was a strange question, but thought, “well, I suppose it could be possible”. Then following her departure, those words spoken only weeks prior, kept me awake at night, waiting for her to visit us unannounced. Following her abrupt departure, she called me over and over for about a week threatening to make my life hell. She told me I could make it all go away if I just pay her. She called over and over and over and over, like a “psycho-X”. She would ramble and not make any sense on her voicemail messages. I turned her messages over to the Sheriff as evidence of her psychotic nature and her potential capacity to harm.
Now, I am not the type to counter and retaliate to one’s nonsense accusations such as this, particularly on a undocumented social site such as this. Unfortunately the internet and obviously in recent events, the media, has empowered those mentally unstable individuals that are seeking some sort of retaliation for their feeling of inadequacy. I am not here to convince anyone, but I did feel it necessary to defend my character and voice the facts to this twisted and tainted delusion of a fictional and cruel abstract of a story.
Thank you for your time.
Denise Frisco