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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AMG, Inc - Advanced Marketing Group - Phoenix Global Solutions - Capital Imports - Synergy Marketing

AMG, Inc, Advanced Marketing Group, Phoenix Global Solutions, Capital Imports, Synergy Marketing and a host of other companies in San Diego are posting job opportunities with huge upfront promises of management growth and opportunities in fields that are not at all associated with what they actually do. The way they describe their positions is tantamount to scam and an outright lie and is ANNOYING to a job seeker looking for a REAL position.

All the ads are similar to this:
(COMPANY, INC) is currently executing promotions for Fortune 500 clients. We use direct, personal, and impulsive techniques to create awareness and excitement for our clients' products. Our marketing strategies increase new customer acquisitions and build a more personal and custom-made image for our clients.

Entry Level positions available in:

All these companies are either onsite promotions or door to door sales. They are basically a waste of your talent if you are college educated.

After being contacted by all of these organizations I have learned what questions to ask and you can tell when they aren't being upfront. I asked one company claiming to have positions in Public Relations, Client Relations, and Marketing - exactly what they did. Eventually I found out they were door to door sales for AT&T.

I am sick of their over hyping these positions on all the job boards. I posted this as warning to fellow job seekers and implore them to be MORE HONEST and UPFRONT!!

San Diego, CA

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