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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work Oppurtunities Unlimited

Work Oppurtunities Unlimited - Leddy Group Lied and Deceived Potential Employees Nationwide

Rebecca Fecteau and Kristin Fredette,head hunters for Work Opportunities Unlimited are the most lazy,rude recruiters I have ever dealt with.Together, they work from home,and try and recruit candidates for this lame company.

After an hour over the phone interview with Jen,she asked for references.
I supplied them,and waited for the next part of the hiring processes.I was contacted by Becky and Kristin whinning that the couldn't reach my references and wanted phone numbers and names.

I explained that I gave them the H.R. phone numbers,and to please try again.Becky called back,with her kid crying in the background,saying in effect,she was too stupid to figure out the human resources phone directory and to have me call my past supervisors call her.I told her I didn't know their numbers,or how to contact them...that's why I gave you the H.R. numbers.And I knew these companies wanted all employment ckecks to be done through their H.R. departments.

Well,to make a sad story short,Becky told me she had her masters degree (from some degree factory),and she knew all there was about H.R. and hiring practices.The fact is she doesn't...Fortunatley I didn't leave my job,and this encounter with these two knuckle heads and their company only make me glad I didn't.

pensacola, Fl

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