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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Princeton Executive Group - SCAM! FRAUD! BE CAREFUL!

Princeton Executive Group
600 North Pine Island Rd. Suite 450
PLantation, Florida, 33324
Phone: 954-315-0214
Fax: 954-315-0161

My husband and I were expecting our first child and as things got tough in a difficult economy, we decided to seek some outside help in finding employment for my husband. He began his job search on various websites and posted his resume for others to see.

That is when we got the call from a recruiter from Princeton Executive Group, stating that he had seen my husband's resume on CareerBuilder and that he was a perfect candidate for their company.

My husband met with them first and they asked to meet me as well at our next meeting. They said it was very important as I was an integral part of our well being and future. After speaking to Mr. Robert Milgroom for about one hour and him WOWing us with what his company could offer, claiming that they have the most outstanding contact with top companies, he slipped us a piece of paper, which he told us to discuss in private.

He handed us a 'Three year Career Advancement Program with Performance Guarantee' that came with a hefty fee for their services of $12,800. Needless to say, we were shocked with the price tag, but accepted, even though it was going to be a huge strain on our home and our wallets.

My husband was instructed to meet with Mr. Jeffery Shyne at their offices. He met with him 3 times and conducted various personality tests to assess what type of work and industry my husband would be adequate in.

After the 3rd face to face meeting, and several tests, Mr. Jeffery Shyne said that they could now speak on the phone as opposed to meeting every week and that he should expect his redone resume right away.

We waited for the resume and a list of potential companies, for 1 month and half and never got response. After excuses after excuses, such as his email being down, his website being down, avoiding our calls, not answering our emails and finally sending us emails when he did saying that the company policy was answering calls at the end of the next business day, we began to notice a pattern that we did not like.

In one of his emails he sent an email claiming the resume was in an attachment, but he repeatedly sent empty emails with no explanations.

Beware of this company! They are taking advantage of innocent people in these vulnerable economic times. I hope that somebody shuts these people down.

Hollywood, Florida


Sun n Fun in Miami said...

It just sound like you have a vendetta. I had a positive experience with Princeton and all of their employees and found them to be very professional. You need to take a pill and relax you seem to be a very bitter woman that could use psychological help.

Terri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terri said...

We also were contacted via Careerbuilder which it seems Princeton is no longer a memeber. I wonder why? Basically it was the same high pressure tactics as the orginal posting. Many companies requirements were not even close to the experience and talents listed on the new and improved resume that Princeton redid. It appeared they were sent out with no thought to the clients background.
So two years later not even one interview for a process that they claimed never took longer than six months to place a client. Yes, they said they only accept highly qualified candidates that they feel can be placed. So what happened Mr. Milgroom and Mr. Shyne? Thousands of dollars later all that was accomplished was a new resume.
So I guess you could say we were scammed too.

Terri said...

sun n fun in miami could not have been a client. The only psychological help needed by the original post is why did they sign up in the first place. Who would not have been bitter if they were scammed out of $12,000.

Veruca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veruca said...

I don't perceive the original post as a personal vendetta. She is only expressing what happened and her loss of money.

It seems to me that Sun n fun is a representattive of the company just responding.

I have not heard one good comment about this copmpany and there just have been too many compplaints to trust them. A lot of money is requested for job placement and it is just not fair that this company is not responding to what they promised. They should be closed down ad clients should be refunded. These are not the times to be scamming people.

Anonymous said...

I am not an employee, I am just a client that got a good career - why is that impossible? Veruca your comments are fair - she did nto have a positive experience. But since her husband was the client shouldn't he be the one stating his issues? I know they have a confidentiality agreeemtn with all cleints (I signed one). Maybe her husband has nto told her the whole story and she is placing false blame on the company. Or maybe not - she is expressing her opinion and I expressed mine

Anonymous said...

If your so happy why don't you say who you are??????