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Sunday, April 27, 2008

DS-Max, Quantum, Innovage, Cydcor, Granton - Elite Marketing - Atlantic Consultants - KGV

DS-Max, Quantum, Innovage, Cydcor, Granton - Elite Marketing - Atlantic Consultants - KGV
32459 Schoolcraft Rd.Livonia, Michigan, 48150

I was doing a search for jobs, not for myself, but to protect others. I have found many companies that seem like more of the same. Based on the employment ads, these companies all seem to be related. If I am wrong on any one of them, please feel free to write a rebuttal and let me know. If they are, then they are a part of DS-Max, Quantum, Innovage, Cydcor, and Granton. So if you can't find a report on the specific company, try looking at those higher points of the pyramid.

Elite Marketing International Inc.
Bellstar Promotions Inc.
Atlantic Consultants International
KGV Advertising
WRS Promotions
Tri-Ad Promotions

The Advertising Group
Advanced Advertising Concepts
TL Advertising
Concorde Marketing Solutions Inc.
J. Starr Advertising Inc.
DMS Communications Inc.
Goodrich Marketing and Consulting
Kelly Advertising Group

DC Advertising
North Star Promotions
Johnson Marketing Insights
WRS Promotions
Apex Marketing and Promotions
Empire Marketing
DeFrancesco Acquisitions Inc.
Executive Marketing Concepts Inc.
BMK Marketing Group Inc.
TMP Marketing Group Inc.
I.M.G. Inc.

GQ Imports
Sunodia International Inc.
Executive Advertising Inc.

OK, so there's too many to list, and I can't go through all 50 states. If you're looking at an entry level position in marketing or management, take a look at the online ads of any of the above companies, and see if it looks anything like the company you're considering. If they seem similar, they probably are. If you go on an interview, and are asked back for a second interview that will be a day of observation, it is probably related to these companies. A small suggestion - if you do decide to go on a day of observation, they will take you in their car to another location, or worse - make you drive. DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF, and make sure you have a friend or family member available to pick you up if you decide that the job is not right for you. Otherwise your options are to stay the whole day or to call a cab.

I hope I listed enough companies to help a lot of people out. Good luck to all in your job search!

Northville, Michigan


Lee Chan said...

I'm a recent grad, also from a respectable university, with honors. I'm on the job hunt and like most grads, I post my resume on sites like hotjobs and careerbuilder.

Empire Promotions in New Brunswick emailed and called me to set up a time for an interview for the position of "Marketing Manager." I said I never applied to any management positions- I'm only a recent college grad. They said "Are you sure? It says here that you applied for a position in marketing mangagement."

The company website appears to be "scam free," however thanks to the previous posting (and a post on ripoff report), I avoided a lot of time and hassle. Although I agree that soliciting donations is one way to earn money, I don't agree with misleading applicants into doing this kind of work.

In short, if it sounds "too good to be true", it is.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...


I came across this blog and thought I would leave a message for anyone out there applying for one of these jobs. I work for one of these companies in the UK and have done for the past 8 months. It is just what it says it is. There is no scam.

I find it funny when so many large organisations like Mary Kay and Avon get fantastic press for similar business models but these companies seem to get slated. A day of observation is exactly that- you observe and ask questions. I personally think it's one of the best decisions I have made- not only for the training and skills I have picked up but the great friends I have made. If you are considering a role with one of these companies I would recommend it!!!!

Anonymous said...

In response to the anonymous "employee" of one of these "companies", you are either manipulative or incredibly naive. These companies are engaging in Tax evasion, deception and breaking labour laws in the UK by their actions. They are screwing you and everyone who works there. But it's ok, you'll be a manager soon right? Sure you could be. But every expense is paid out of your own pocket, and you pay commission to the parent organisation (DSMaxx or Cydcor) to the point where you earn next to nothing and work 70+hours a week.

Do not compare multi-level marketing to Avon. Avon aren't promising you a career, management opportunities and untold riches. Avon is something many people (including my sister) do on the side for a bit of money. 3-4 hours work for a campaign over 3 weeks. MLM's demand a minimum of 48 hours a week, with 100% commission wages that, even on the best estimates I was given in my interview, amount to less then 3 pounds an hour.

I'm glad I was smart enough to tell them to get stuffed. You need to open your eyes and see the fraud and deception around you!

Anonymous said...

I have a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. When I graduated, I took a job at a Cydcor marketing office. I didn't knowing was a Cydcor office when I first started. I was looking for a job to make some money while I found an engineering job. It was a great place to work. I actually stayed there for a year and a half. I now work as a sales engineer making way more money than I would have just being a typical engineer. I owe it to cydcor and the great skills I learned there. They only get a bad name because it is 100 percent commission at first and if people are not hard workers or they are weak, they can not succeed there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Lee Chan" I am glad that you are a grad from a "respectable" university and you have all your ducks in a row. Kind of funny, so am I.

For you, with all your education, seem quite ill informed about the companies that you talk so dry about.

Taxes are done at the end of the year with these companies. And like any job whereas you are working on either commission or piece rate; the taxes are done at the end of the year. As in the United States; we get a 1099T form and need to keep our receipts for tax write offs.

Obviously you are not very motivated in a career and if you actually stayed and gave the company a chance you may have found it very profitable. However I am assuming you are fat and lazy with no source of wanting to walk to make your money.

Which is exactly what the field is for. To weed out lazy people who cannot hack it as a true marketer.

I absolutely love working with my colleagues and AM in management. Oh yes. I forgot. You said people don't really get promoted, right?

My position got laid in my lap recently within the past 2 months. Opportunity is there most definitely. Just individuals who do not want to work on their own merit need not apply.

I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience, however maybe you need to get a fire under your ass and the drive to be successful and get a JOB instead of a career.

Have a splendid day!! :)

Anonymous said...

They do this here in Ireland too, mainly in Cork and Dublin, they were a lot bigger but the Internet has helped people avoid them - they keep having to move premises too as they've such a bad reputation

My own experience:

I'd a few days off work at the time so I rang them, and had an interview that evening, got the 'job', showed up at 7am the next morning

Headed for the bus to Blarney with a lady in her mid 20's who looked anemic and run down, breakfast for her consisted of coffee and a menthol marlboro ciggerette

Went around selling crap, she freaked out a few times which was funny, she paid for my bus fair and food and we stayed out from 8am till 8pm

Crazy part was when she was explaining the whole pyramid scheme side of things and about how you'd move up in levels and retrain the person replacing you

What I was listening to was crazy, they wanted you to work 5 day 60 hour weeks, with Saturday as an option, and be responsible for your own tax returns.

The figure she was showing me was around €500/w which would put you on about €8.33/h rising significantly as you went up in levels,
she addmitted she was often lucky to see 400/w when her target as a level 2 would be close to €750/w

The next morning I was part of the team meeting which consisted of the main manager giving some cliche riddled speech where they broke down the letters of some word to drive sales

Then they started dancing around each other with posters they made at home with some 'power words' they'd been given as the focal point.
Very strange, but things got worse

I was brought into a meeting to sign my contract but instead I started questioning everything,
which led to him calling in his two assistant managers who were trying to pressure me,
I didn't back down and cursed them under the tabe so they asked me to leave

One of the level 2 people followed me down to the entrance on MacCurtain street and started getting very angry and emotional
saying how dare I undermine K**th and all the hard work he has done by being so disrespectful

Very odd experience, anyone I told had the same reaction I first did

The whole business model was to find people with little to no family, no job, young and who could become practically brainwashed and led into the belief that very soon it would all pay off

I'm sorry I didn't go in with a video camera and record the whole lot,