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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Studio 99 - Studio 99 Total scam artist.. Big talker BIG liar

Studio 99
9960 NW 116th Way Suite 9
Miami, Florida, 33178
Phone: 305-7176732

I found this job in the Miami Herald and came to find out they had close to 8 classifieds all with different descriptions for the same job.

I went to the office for the first interview and there was loud music playing you could barely hear people talking it was so unprofessional.

The interview was conducted by Bonnie there was myself and three other applicants in the interview. She ran through her speal and it all sounded too rehearsed. She made sure she left you with no time or chance to ask questions.
I was then invited to a second interview and there was about 20 or so people. They put us all in a room in a seating arrangment.

Then this guy 'The Boss' Steve Tejada comes in and begins his presentation. At the beginning they tell you not to raise your hand and ask any questions which is suspicious, but Steve is a very obnoxious man he uses dirty language and brags about materialistic things.

During his brangging he also exaggerates a lot, what he is trying to do is fool these people into thinking he is someone and falsely lead them into believing that he is offering them a once in a lifetime opportunity (which is a lie).

He then makes his selections and invites his new hirees to come back that Mon. On Mon. they again tell you no questions... Steve gets up and talks about karate kid saying he had to paint fences, wax cars, and sand decks before he was karate kid.

He was making implications that you have to work hard doing crappy things and have blind faith so he can make you rich.

All the time dancing around the issue of what you will be doing. They haven't once told you that they expect you to go around selling perfume on the streets to make him money while you make nothing. This is a scam it's a way for him to move his product and make the most return by not having to pay employees and telling them they are independent contractors.

He told us to make a list of our friends and family and call them up and tell them they are going to buy perfume and get the money that day and bring it in the next, my suspiscions rising I didn't raise my hand when he asked us,'Everyone raise your hand if you are excited about our first task.' Excited about our first task?

How could I be excited once I figured out what game he was running. So he called me out and asked why I didn't raise my hand?

I answered that I thought it was weird that we couldn't ask any questions and that I wasn't excited about the first task.

Now he is the kind of person who tells people what to do and everyone always does it, the kind of person you can't say no to, the kind of person who only cares about themself, and he didn't want me to make other people wonder as well. So he told me to leave in a very rude and abrupt way.

I then informed the others that their was reports on and they should google it. He became infuriated and started cussing me out. Trying to make me look bad in front of the others and gain back some respect for himself.

I hope other people can see through his fake fasode and help stop him from using people to make him money. They ussered me out of the building rather quickly and were extremly rude, innapropriate, and unprofessional.

One last note they claim to be in the fashion industry and Steve and his wife were both extreme fashion victims their looks were so dated I wasn't sure if I had stepped back in time.

Sunnyisles, Florida


AttorneyNewmark said...

This is a formal response from the corporate attorney for Studio 99 and the Tejedas, Tracy Newmark, Esquire of The Newmark Law Firm, PA, 2500 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida.

This company is a legitimate ongoing business concern. This company, for many years has and continues to, provide motivated hard working people with the opportunity to learn the value of their efforts and build their own business. The company provides training and merchandise to a select group of consignees who want to learn, earn and build a successful business of their own.

The company does not have employees, therefore posting a blog on this website is misleading and misplaced. The company only has a small group of people who they choose to teach the skills necessary to make a sales business pay off. There are no employees … the consignees have their own merchandise and their own hours.

This blogger has been repeatedly warned against her improper and false comments. She has been reminded over and over again to cease and desist from the defamatory, libelous and slanderous comments. The fact that Ms. Brandi continues to find new blogs on which to post the same comments shows one thing … she should be putting more effort into finding a job.

If any person has a question about the legitimacy of this business or Mr. or Mrs. Tejeda, please feel free to google me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Anonymous said...

This perfume company is a complete scam...i sold perfume for them for almost 4months hoping to make some money...i drove all over miami selling water down cheap perfume with other young naive indiviuals...As soon as someone caught on about the scam they were kicked out...i remember one meeting that Mr. Tejeda pulled out a pocket full of money, at least 5,000 dollars , claiming how rich he was and when you get to his level you can throw away mr. tejeda threw 10 dollars in a hungry, tired, sweaty crowed of people then left the room..woooowww!!! 10 whole dollars...the office we met up at were on dirt roads near or in the middle of construction sites...When you brag about how rich you are and how much you are into fashion i think you would dress better and act like you have some type of class
ONCE AGAIN THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! the attorney for the Tejedas are only posting a reply blog because they are being paid to...Even the attornys reply sounds like a bunch of crap!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, they went whining to their lawyers.

It may be legal, but I doubt it's ethical. and legality does not excuse the guy being a jerk.

Anonymous said...

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