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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maquillage Minerals

Maquillage Minerals
12 St. Josephs Blvd,
Lodi, NJ

Maquillage minerals- Jamie Jenkins was supposedly my manager during October and November of 2007. He always tried motivating us to sell the make up no matter what to move up in the training process. First they took a deposit of $250 than they made us sell make up to family, friends, and people we do not know. Even to ourselves if we did not have the skills of a sales person. There I met people who actually knew it was a rip off but I did not hear it from them 'it was a rumor' so I kept on trying to sell the make up because of the push and motivation that both the Jamie's (Jamie the office manager training us and Jamie the owner).

Well I met Nada Basha there after training for two weeks than she disappeared and I met Rachael Kadish after a week of training there. She was doing very well.
Jamie Jenkins always told us never to discuss our work with eachother because it was a competetion. So I do not exactly know who was ripped off also. I left the company in December of 2007 but I never recieved my products. It was worth more than $400, so I went to the office and asked him about it and he called Jamie saying they had my order and it was there the address on it was 'supposedly' wrong. Two weeks later I went again and the office was gone. I called the phones were off. I called Jamie the owner she said email her with the list of the products, I did nothing was ever sent to me.

Obviously people such as Rachael Kadish have gotten involved with the compay, I guess they trusted her to make her a 'manager'. I apologize about not having this report up sooner and having people get ripped off.

paterson, New Jersey

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