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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Motif 56

Motif 56 is the worst employer. They are a wholesale belt company that cheats in every possible way. I got a paid internship and worked for them for a year. They work you way beyond legal working hours and pressure you never to take lunches. And then they refuse to pay over time.

I thought I was getting a good job and it paid $14/hour but in the end, it was probably more like $3/hour. The woman owner (who is possibly schizophrenic- crazy irrational mood swings, out of nowhere on random days) tried to pull my work check out from my bank AFTER I had deposited it in the bank. They were angry that i would not give them my fiance's social security number. I felt it was dishonest and crooked, but my refusal made it really hard to work there.

In the end, they said they would rather go bankrupt than pay me back the $496 they stole from me, because I was leaving for another job and the owner woman Galila felt betrayed. At the time they had 7 employees and only 1 designer was on the books. She ran everything and they took total advantage of her.

It was like American sweatshop labor the way she worked with toxic glues in a tiny basement and travelled millions of working hours and never was allowed to take her vacation. They were on vacation just about everyday, but locally. If anyone wanted a vacation they would say they had already made plans to go away and it wasn't a good time. They made the 1 employee on the books so many promises of raises and time off and never came through. I felt bad for her. They earn millions each year and treat their employees terribly, reporting only the minimum profits.

My case was finally settled in small claims court. They had to pay everything in full as well as all my fees because their actions were totally unjustified. The 1 employee they had also left the company and there are also lawyers involved. That means Motif 56 has never had an employee leave without the law having to step in. They are the worst ever! Not to mention how they cheat their customers. THAT is a whole different issue of unfair business!


Anonymous said...

These are complete lies. UTTER LIES from a bitter employee. The poster of this blog is Tanya-- an intern we had, who decided one day to simply leave us with NO NOTICE whatsoever. She simply did not show up one day--with no call, no email, no nothing. Motif had paid her in advance--so when she didn't show up and attempted to escape her contract with the company, they stopped the payment from reaching her. That is when she fraudulently sent a letter to the company, pretending to be her lawyer, in order to demand her payment. However she was paid to the last penny, till the very last minute she worked, and was treated like FAMILY. Any money that they rightfully owed her was settled and paid. It was taken to small claims court because she attempted to redeem the check that was not rightfully hers. Motif 56 pays far over the minimum wage to ALL employees. The accusations made against the owner are completely inappropriate and false. She treats all of her employees as family--even bringing food from her own house to cook for them. Motif 56 runs their business as a small intimate company, with complete fairness to all of its employees. It is clear that this post is an angry rant, because Motif 56 has never even held seven employees at once--nearly everything written in this post is completely fabricated! All of the comments posted by this intern should be completely discarded by any readers.

Anonymous said...

First off... I'd like to say that you sound far too angry and resentful to be posting anything/anywhere.

You need to calm down and be in the right state of mind before saying hurtful things about others.

I highly doubt that the employer was out to get you.

No employer hires someone and takes the time/money training someone in order to be purposely vengeful or hurtful