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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sams Club Hawaii Store

Sams Club Hawaii Store# 4755 Un-educated Coach at Sam's Club Hawaii Store # 4755 fires dedicated employee Honolulu Hawaii

Sams Club Hawaii Store# 4755
Phone: 808-738-5821
Ke'eaumoku Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813 U.S.A.

Their is a coach at this Sam's Club store who goes by the name Coach Richard, who is obviously un-educated. My son was terminated at Sam's Club today, stating the reason: We saw you on the camera's just standing around in communications too long. DUH: The kid worked in electronics. The week prior he was accusing him of stealing a laptop; that WAS actually found. My son actually went over him, with regards to this laptop, and spoke to someone that was visiting from Corporate. If their is one thing he wouldn't steal is a laptop, as I run a home based business, and own 8 computers. We truly believe that he was fired due to my son going over him, regarding this instance. Coach Richard purports himself to be of local Hawaiian Ancestry, and another reason I believe that he was terminated was due to him being Caucasian, and this guy Coach Richard being a bigot.

Honolulu, Hawaii


Anonymous said...

Coach Richard as they call him accused my son of stealing a laptop.

Coach Richard as they call him accused my son of stealing a laptop. My son was mortified, and went directly over his head to the person that was visiting from Corporate. ( The laptop was lost by Team leader Caira ) They told my son that he would be accountable for it. The laptop was found, and both individuals never said another word. No apology, no nothin. My son was fired today, and was told that he was fired for standing around communications for too long. DUH- The kid worked in electronics. Our belief for the true reason he was fired, is due to Coach Richard being un-educated. He, being the so called Manager of the store, didn't have the courage to handle it himself, and had to have his cronies do it for him. ( A man that purports himself to be of Hawaiian Ancestry with no Hutz-ba ) We truly believe that the reason for termination is as follows: #1. He felt threatened because my son is Caucasian. #2. My son went over his head due to this stupid accusation. Funny though, they sent him to Arkansas, and filled him with all this computer knowledge that he will definately take to the better one of the two, COSTCO--Thank you for Coach Richard being a MORON (Not one employee likes him, except for Caira) Sounds sorta fishy too me

Anonymous said...

I have NO doubt that's what happened. Not so much that be was caucasian, but because he broke the rule -- he made the guy look bad. Never, EVER do that to a local. They'll get you back brah!

Anonymous said...

Love & equality for all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe he got what he deserved because he was just fired last week. The reason is unknown but maybe it had something to do with his shady policies regarding terminating employees, among other things.

Anonymous said...

talk about un-educated....
"there" not "their"
"to me" not "too me"
"chutzpah" not "hutz-ba"
Its all relative...compared to you Richard might be a moron, but compared to me, you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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