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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aderant Europe

I worked for this Aderant Europe nearly 5 years. Aderant is the worse employer that I ever worked for. I was tricked to join the company and I was made to work long hours. I recovered and saved  lot of money for the company by reopening tax claim of €400k and provided company with services which saved legal and professional fees paid to third party. Two years ago in May 2010, when my old CFO left and Carolyn Zelnio appointed as new CFO and she visited me in my office in London.  

Shortly after her visit I received an e-mail from her to inform me that my position is no longer available and I will be demoted and my salary will be cut by 27%. My line manager and HR director called me to discuss the restructuring and I was even told that CFO informed them that I am happy to accept a lower position. I had no idea about the restructuring nor agreed anything with her. My line manager accused me of lying and HR director meant to come back to me with options, which she never did. I was under a lot of pressure after covering for HR duties after company sacking two HR in space of 12 months so I had to do one extra responsibility on top of my finance position so I was tired and exhausted and I could not think anymore. I appointed a lawyer to fight my rights as employee as in UK company can not ask staff to accept a lower position unless they satisfy that their restructuring is necessary and even so they need to go through a redundancy process, which Aderant tried to deny my rights for that and they were insisting that is a re-organisation which has the same legal meaning in UK restructuring= redundancy. I filed a grievances with company’s new CEO and a month later Carolyn no longer was working for Aderant. However, my situation did not change and CEO did not reply to my grievances and three months later, when a new CFO recruited, she replied but with prejudice to say that company did nothing wrong. My appeal letter to CEO was even had the same result.  Company decided to make my role redundant than dealing with my grievances properly, however, they did not satisfy me and my union representative that this is a genuine redundancy. I am made redundant and even my holiday pay was not paid. I am taking them to employment tribunal.

Since Vista a venture capital firm bought Aderant in October 2009 staff in UK reduce from 50+ to 25 now. All good staff left and they are working for Aderant’s client or competitor. That shows, what a company it is that staff with over 10 years career with this company they rather move to competitor or client.  

Kind Regards                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Anonymous said...

Do not work Aderant North America unless you want to be part of a cut-throat culture. Their screening process is strictly based on some exam, which apparently does not work as the new hires aren't fit or are unqualified to perform the job. Quality employees are let go or they leave voluntarily.

Anonymous said...

The above is 100% true. There is no communication between managers and departments and they never call badk upset clients. This leaves clients with a bad taste in their mouths.
You think a company that prides themselves of customer service would at least contact the client is some way.
They have no clue about taxes and how business is ran in some states.